Gregoire Vogelsang

Headshot of Founder Gregoire Vogelsang

Gregoire Vogelsang

Founder & CEO
Blockchain, NFTs, Art
Brussels, Belgium

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Gregoire Vogelsang is the Founder and CEO of Cube Art Fair.

Belgian art dealer Gregoire Vogelsang, owner of the eponymous Vogelsang Gallery – a contemporary art gallery that is a fixture in the international art fair circuit and represents emerging and established artists – is also the founder of Cube Art Fair, a contemporary art fair launched in 2016 with editions in Brussels and New York.

Amid COVID-19, Gregoire Vogelsang pivoted from his in-person art fair to a public art platform dedicated to bringing the artwork to the streets of cities, through hundreds of billboards, kiosks and murals in New York, Miami and Brussels. Critically acclaimed as The World’s Largest Public Art Fair, Cube Art Fair launched its first-ever NFT Art Fair last June on a 30-story billboard in Times Square.


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