Greg Kruger

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Greg Kruger

Health & Wellness, Entrepreneur
Laguna Niguel, CA, USA

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Greg Kruger is the Founder of Forgotten Truth Coaching.

Greg Kruger’s transformational Forgotten Truth Coaching, a component of KEVALA Breathwork, guides people to embrace their authentic selves to overcome unconscious patterns that hold them back from living a more fulfilling life. 

In today’s world, many people find themselves trapped within repetitive cycles, repetitive emotional states, and a prison of continuous stress without realizing that they are confined by their own neurology, blind spots, and limiting beliefs. Greg Kruger, the founder of Forgotten Truth Coaching, emphasizes the power of embarking on a journey of self-discovery to break free from the internal barriers to expansion and fulfillment. Through various proven modalities and methods, Forgotten Truth Coaching illuminates the path to recognizing and transforming unconscious self-limiting belief patterns into conscious patterns to live an empowered life. 

The uniqueness of Kruger’s coaching practice is in the outcome of his clients becoming their own best coach. The training principles focus on enhancing awareness, unlocking the truth of vulnerability, and installing accountability measures through practicing daily success habits and exercises, ultimately assisting people to re-discover their power in creating their lives. 

Unknown to many, the brain creates subconscious programs that shape beliefs and erect blind spots, which can significantly impede personal growth. Forgotten Truth Coaching teaches its clients how to become aware of these unconscious blind spots so that they can consciously reprogram them and design their life of purpose, on purpose. Greg Kruger further explains that Forgotten Truth Coaching is built upon understanding how the brain and body create and run programs geared towards surviving instead of thriving. This innovative coaching program facilitates a shift from the unconscious body and mind activity to that of a conscious creator. Through breathwork, meditation, and other powerful daily habits and tools, Forgotten Truth Coaching helps people remember who they truly are and how to regain command of their lives. 

“When you are aware of and take accountability for your breath, you command your physiology. When you are aware of and take accountability for the quality of your thoughts, you command your emotional and energetic states. YOU ARE THE ANSWER.” – G Kruger 

The Forgotten Truth Coaching program fosters an environment of vulnerability, honesty, empowered communication, and collaboration to guide people to step into their Truth.

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