Dan Roberts

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Dan Roberts

Chief Executive Officer
Technology, Consulting
Boston, MA, USA

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Dan Roberts has authored and is a contributing author of numerous books. His latest, Unleashing the Power of IT and Confessions of a Successful CIO, were on Amazon’s list of top rated books for months, and are being leveraged by IT Leadership Teams as a model for moving IT up the maturity curve.

Dan is a frequent contributor to and quoted in leading industry publications. His latest article series can be found on cio.com titled, “CIO Whisperers”. These articles focus on a host of themes that are timely for IT and human capital leaders.

Dan is considered one of the best connected thought leaders in the CIO space. He is a keynote speaker and panel moderator at numerous industry conferences and corporate events. Dan has a passion for bringing CIOs together to learn and benefit from one another’s experiences. Each year, he works and meets with more than 1000 CIOs and IT Leaders across the globe.

As the CEO and President of Ouellette & Associates Consulting, Inc. (O&A), Dan leads the firm known since 1984 for “Developing the Human Side of Technology.” His team has helped more than 3,500 IT organizations build a world class culture, a high performing workforce, and a differentiated talent brand.

Dan has been married to Denise for more than 35 years and is the proud Dad of Kristina, a doctor on the Big Island of Hawaii, and Kelly, a retired Army Ranger who is now pursuing his passions as a real estate investor. In 2018 Dan and Denise welcomed their 1st grandchild and their 2nd in 2020.

What people are saying about Dan:

“Dan is truly a connected leader in IT. From his contributions to publications, authoring of and contributing to numerous books, and especially as a panel moderator. Dan recently moderated the CIO Track at the 2018 Gateway to Innovation conference in St. Louis. His in depth research into all four panel topics and advance preparation of all panelists shined through. From his use of short videos to “tee up” each panel topic to his probing questions to panelists; each session was outstanding. Thank you Dan for helping make the G2I conference a success.”

“The FLGISA engaged Dan to speak at our annual conference on “Unleashing the Power of IT” and facilitate a CIO Panel on building the future workforce. I had the pleasure of working with Dan throughout this process. He helped set the tone for our conference which was geared on the new skill sets needed on the digital horizon for IT organizations. His message was insightful, thought provoking and inspirational. The way he lead the panel discussions tied together seamlessly the contributions of the panelists. There is a comfort level with Dan, the panelists and his audience that created an atmosphere of trust and sharing of information that had attendees commenting throughout the conference. I will certainly be engaging with Dan in my own agency going forward.”

“Dan is a consummate professional. His ability to generate energy and passion for the people aspect of IT delivery is terrific. A gifted writer and facilitator, a knack for networking, and what seems to be a never ending supply of compassion, listening, and filtering out the best nuggets for the group is a true talent.”

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