Bobby Marhamat

Headshot of CEO Bobby Marhamat

Bobby Marhamat

Chief Executive Officer
Technology, Entrepreneur
San Francisco, CA, USA

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Bobby Marhamat is the CEO of Raydiant. He’s been building businesses in the 4th grade and he hasn’t stopped since.

Growing up in Lincoln, Nebraska, Bobby remembers watching his father launch several small businesses, taking in each success and failure. He still applies the lessons he learned from his father to this day.

Bobby served as an executive for technology companies including Verizon, Revel, and Highfive before becoming the CEO of Raydiant in 2019. Today, Raydiant stands as the most innovative, fastest-growing and most funded in-location experient management platform with more than $30 million in funding as of early 2022.

Bobby hosts the Brick and Mortar Reborn podcast and regularly has insights and expertise published in Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, Newsweek, and various industry media outlets.


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