Top 10 Tips for Maximizing Effectiveness of Your ADT Security System

ADT Security System

If your home is protected by an ADT home security system, you’re in good hands. While they might be doing their bit right, you need to also stay ahead of the curve. Here are 10 ways to get your ADT security system operating at its best.  

Plan Your Emergency Response

From your end, create an emergency contact list in case something goes wrong. It could include family, friends, or neighbors. Ensure that their names, numbers, and addresses are up to date. Test your ADT home security system by arming it in test mode to avoid any false alarms sent to ADT. Next, set off a door or window sensor to see if things are in order.  

Educate Everyone At Home

Everyone in your home must know about the ADT security system. They should know how to arm, disarm, and also check if there is something wrong. Every few weeks, have everyone run a small mock drill to jog their memory and keep everyone up to date. Children should be educated on the importance of home security e.g. not answering the door for strangers, informing a familiar adult if something is wrong, etc. 

Regularly Maintaining Your ADT Security System

As good as your ADT security system is, it is still a collection of gadgets. If they are left on their own, they will eventually start to malfunction or give off errors. Maintenance includes keeping them clean, ensuring they aren’t damaged, routinely checking them to see if something is wrong. If you see suspect something wrong, get in touch with ADT customer service. 

Remain Informed About Updates

Like all modern technology, updates are received over the air when connected to the internet. At times, the manufacturer or ADT will send updates for bug fixes or performance improvements. These help to increase the effectiveness of your security system.  

Learning How ADT Security Systems Work

ADT home security systems might come off as something from a sci-fi movie. With a control panel, sensors, and cameras, it can overwhelm some people. When you get an ADT system, take out the time to learn the ins and outs of your system. You don’t have to learn it all on day one but it helps you get the most out of your system over time. 

Arming Your System Regularly

Your ADT security system will only actually work if it’s been activated. If you want to ensure you have ADT protection whenever you want and need it, arm your system. Arm it when you sleep at night, when you leave for work, or when you’re away from your home. 

Placing Your Sensors Correctly

ADT offers products in its protection arsenal. This includes door, window, glass-break, motion sensors, and flood sensors. These sensors will only work when they’re put in the right place in the right way. ADT offers professional installation so you don’t need to worry about incorrect placement. However, if you add more components, get in touch with an expert for more help.  

Enhance Your Home Security System

One of the great characteristics of an ADT home security system is its modularity. While your home security plan comes with a standard set of equipment, you can always add more. As you can, consider adding ADT security cameras, smart locks, and other home automation tools to your system. This gives you more control over your system while also making it more effective. 

Picking The Right Security Plan

When signing up with ADT, you have three security plans to work with. 

ADT Home Security PlanFunctionalityPlan PriceEquipment Rental Fee*One-Time Equipment Fee
SecureIntrusion detectionTouch screen panel Voice control24/7 monitoringService and repair warranty$45.99/moStarts at $9.98/mo$599 at the start
SmartAll the features of SecureSmart home automationRemote access$49.99/moStarts at $15.32/mo$919 at the start
Complete All the features of SmartLive HD videoVideo clip storage$59.99/moStarts at $17.82/mo$1069 at the start

It is worth noting that equipment prices are for the standard equipment you get with each package. If you add more components to the system, this price will go up. To get a better understanding, get in touch with ADT customer service – they have all the answers. 

Keep An Eye On Your Systems Performance

Lastly, it is important that you keep an eye on how your security system is performing. Check the sensors, cameras, and run a few mock alarms every few weeks. This confirms that everything works and ADT is also keeping a watchful eye. 


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