Marketing Executive on a Mission to Raise Omega-3 Levels for All

red capsules to raise Omega-3 levels

It’s a simple mission, raise Omega-3 levels for all Americans. Why? Because Omega-3s are an essential nutrient our bodies need to thrive but cannot make on its own and one in which over 70% of Americans are sorely deficient in. Unfortunately, the leading supplement brands have stopped investing to keeping Omega-3s top of mind for consumers.

However, in Antarctica there is a brilliant resource that is a powerful source of Omega-3 nutrients called krill. Krill, a small but mighty multi-nutrient source of Omega-3 EPA &DHA and essential choline (known to support brain and nervous system health) which has superior absorption over traditional fish oils is relatively unknown to most consumers.  So, Nancy Chan, CEO of Epion Brands and her team created Kori® Pure Antarctic Krill Oil to return leadership to the category and bring to market a new sustainable and superior source of Omega-3s to improve human health.

Nancy is an experienced executive with a passion for brands and building brand love. She has a successful portfolio of beloved brands from world class CPG organizations like Unilever as well as smaller start-ups like the cultural phenomenon eos (who counted celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian as fans of their sphere-shaped lip balms). She brought together a small, trusted group of seasoned marketers and sales experts to create an exciting new brand that could attract new users to the category. Less than a year later in the Spring of 2020, Kori® Krill Oil was born – to raise Omega-3 levels for all.

Epion Brands is a small start-up with Norwegian roots. Kori Krill Oil is the only vertically integrated krill brand on the market and its parent company, Aker BioMarine is the world’s leading maker of krill oil. Vertical integration ensures visibility and control of quality from the time catch to when a bottle Kori is available for sale, helping raise Omega-3 levels for all.

Technology plays a large role across all of the organizations’ efforts. It starts with significant investment in the leading fishing technology to ensure the operations behind Kori Krill Oil exceed industry sustainability standards. Krill is one of the largest biomass on the planet, two times more than the biomass of humans but all the operations behind Kori enable the harvesting in the most sustainable way to minimize the impact on the marine ecosystem.

Patented Eco™ Harvesting technology allows krill to be caught with minimal bycatch. Drone and solar technology enable the crew to locate krill with high efficiency to minimize fuel expenditure of larger vessels. Closer to home, AI technology is utilized to help the team get closer to consumers. Behavioral insights generated through AI powered natural language processing complement consumer research to create richer consumer insights that inspire communication and innovation. AI is also utilized through partners like their PR agency to stay abreast and get ahead of trending news. Additionally, vertical integration and QR codes provide transparency to consumers to be able to locate where their bottle of Kori was sourced from back to its GPS location. 

Kori Krill Oil presents a uniquely powerful source of Omega-3s to support our best health while minimizing the impact on the planet. Krill oil is a multi-nutrient superior Omega-3 source that supports heart, brain, joint, eye, skin, and immune health.  Learn more about the benefits and uniqueness of krill oil, drop Nancy and the team a note or get your Omega-3s up with Kori Krill Oil.  Coruzant listeners get an exclusive 20% off with code GOKORI at Help Kori raise Omega-3 levels for all.


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