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A few weeks ago, we talked about building a winning culture and how fostering workplace culture that is considered "winning" goes much further than your bottom line. In fact, you must develop and nurture an environment that...
During the pandemic, many businesses were forced to ramp up their remote workforce solutions and quickly adapt a digital transformation strategy. Now here we are over a year later, ready to assess what we have learned about...
COVID-19 ushered in major shifts in the way that healthcare professionals (HCPs) interact with life sciences companies, but how have emerging biopharma companies adapted to this new reality? The core challenges small- to mid-sized (SMB) companies face...





computer hackers in underground dark room

COVID-19 – The Driver Behind Ransomware Attacks in 2020

Ransomware is a form of malware stealthily implanted on a victim’s device by an attacker with the intent of obtaining some valuable...
industrial applications and X-Ray radiation screen

Industrial Applications of X-Ray Radiation

Ah, the enigmatic X-ray—even its algebraic name invites a sense of mystery. Lying beyond ultraviolet light and before the pernicious gamma rays...
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Who We Are

Our digital platform is put together of amazing professionals around the world. Our Fellows provide high quality content that is researched and...
black women business leader holding ipad and smiling into camera

Digital CEOs and Augmented Teams are Amazing for Digital Transformation

The changes in the field of marketing have continued without stopping until reaching the digital transformation of companies. The current world situation,...


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