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Many organizations across the globe are seeing the potential opportunities of having a presence in the Metaverse and are beginning to prepare their digital assets accordingly. With rapid expansion and more details coming to light on the value the...
Uncertainty has become the new norm. We are now – it seems – in the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic, making a return to work is so complicated in so many dimensions. Regions are facing new lockdowns and...
There are companies that have traditional processes for performance evaluation, they have objectives and competencies well defined. Others have agile systems where performance is monitored by project with immediate feedback provided to teams based on goals accomplished and short-term metrics. In...
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digital representation of data flowing into a CPU with the Ethereum crystal floating above it

The Future of Data Storage is Decentralized

Today’s data storage solutions are very limited. Centralized servers lack security and require high maintenance costs. Blockchains provide decentralization but are expensive for data...
auto highway with overlay of virtual cloud - balancing confidence and delusion in the cloud while finding blind spots in the cloud

Balancing Confidence and Delusion in the Cloud

In a recent survey of hybrid cloud decision makers, Virtana and Arlington Research uncovered an unusual trend. The vast majority of respondents report having...
Digital Transformation in Payments

Unpacking Digital Transformation: How to Create a Payments Strategy

Like many professionals in the financial sector, rarely a day goes by when there is no news about how “digital” is shifting the commercial...
cloud diagram overlay on a picture of a colorful lights on data center server racks

The Myths Behind the Cloud

“The cloud is just someone else’s computer,” reads the sticker on a developer’s laptop. More appropriately, it might read “The cloud is a computer...


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