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As we search for the best answer for alternative energy solutions, photovoltaic energy, or solar power, often enters the conversation as a strong candidate. With the development and of residential roof solar panels and their accessibility increasing,...
Manually processing mounds of documents is tedious work for employees and impedes organizational efficiency, scalability, customer responsiveness, and the ability of a business to compete in a digital world. To avoid being lost in...
How do we lead others more effectively today when we are so heavily reliant on technology? This is a great question all leaders should work to answer for themselves. Today, more of our employees...






Are Computer Viruses a form of Biomimicry?

What is biomimicry? Biomimicry is a tool which can be used while seeking innovation. The concept is that nature...

Best Decision Making – Experience Versus Data-based?

The daily life of any executive entails an endless amount of decisions: those decisions are made based on factors such as experience,...
human hand and ai hand touching index fingers through a digital dashboard

Why A Lack of Data Scientists Could Save AI

The rising applications of artificial intelligence across industries from banking and insurance to manufacturing and even art has boosted demand for data...
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