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Like many professionals in the financial sector, rarely a day goes by when there is no news about how “digital” is shifting the commercial landscape. Companies are innovating to enhance not only user experience, but internal processes....
There are companies that have traditional processes for performance evaluation, they have objectives and competencies well defined. Others have agile systems where performance is monitored by project with immediate feedback provided to teams based on goals accomplished and...
In the previous post “Growth and scaling downfalls-Part 2” we discussed human capital aspects of a scaling project. The next topic on the scaling preparation “to do” list is strategy. Though strategy is understood...






Growth and Scaling Downfalls – Part V Final Thoughts

In the last few posts we touched on Growth and Scaling preparations in terms Human Capital Management, Financial Resource Management, Strategy Management and Project Evaluation Management. In the last...
excited fan standing up cheering in an esports stadium

Esports is The Future of All Sports!

COVID-19 threw everyone a curveball, including the sports industry. While traditional sporting events worldwide have been canceled as a...
man reaching out to touch a digital virtual dashboard with cloud symbols

Why Cloud Spend Requires Continued Analysis

During the pandemic, many businesses were forced to ramp up their remote workforce solutions and quickly adapt a digital transformation strategy. Now...

How to Rethink Population Health in This Strange New Normal

As we transition out of the shelter-in-place phase of the COVID-19 pandemic and ramp up in-person care, it is important for practices...


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