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Digital transformation is a universal goal for many businesses, as is the understanding ‘the cloud’ is the fuel to make it possible. Yet there are silos within enterprises that are a significant obstacle in truly unlocking the...
As noted by Fortune, the 2019 International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) report estimates that fitness is a $34 billion industry, and estimates 20% of Americans have a membership to some kind of fitness club. 
In my line of work, I’m often asked what the is difference between a business process outsourcer (BPO) and a knowledge process outsourcer (KPO)? So much of that comes down to technology. One key...





digital representation of data flowing into a CPU with the Ethereum crystal floating above it

The Future of Data Storage is Decentralized

Today’s data storage solutions are very limited. Centralized servers lack security and require high maintenance costs. Blockchains provide decentralization but are expensive...
digital workplace with AI robots at computers

Enhancing Your Digital Workplace Strategy with AI

It is no secret that the way we work has changed. We have been heading toward a "digital workplace" for some time;...

Small Business Needs More Diversity in Leadership

In a not too distant past, diversity at the leadership level was not as common; nor was it commonly agreed upon beneficial...
Girl looking down at iPhone while working on her laptop

Ecommerce and Mobile Platforms

An innovation is an idea, practice or object that has taken root in society and is perceived to be new or created...


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