Inflation is Affecting Small Businesses, We Must Support Them Now

gold percentage sign sitting on digital graph representing inflation

The economy has taken the world on a wild ride these last few years, and America in particular. However, one thing remains the same today in the United States as it always has. The backbone of the American economy is small business. The small businesses that populate every town and city in this country continue to make the economy tick.

The American standard

Americans have always taken pride in their jobs, and the collective work ethic of those who populate this nation is undeniable. It is through this hard work, care, and belief in each other that the American economy not only survived for so long but thrived at such a high level.

Whether it was during America’s formative years, its boom periods like the Industrial Revolution and the Roaring 20s, the lean times like The Great Depression, or uncertain times, like today —we know value and celebrate the bedrock of the economy in The United States that are the everyday, hardworking Americans earning their livings the honest way and trying to achieve their own American dream.

Small businesses need us

Now, more than ever, it’s important to continue to support these small businesses. After the unpredictability of the past few years, the goodwill that many customers showed small businesses during the height of the pandemic has slowed down. To add onto that, with inflation currently dominating the economy, nobody is hit harder than small businesses.

While everyday merchants continue to try and do right by their customer base, costs are going up across the board — shipping, inventory, and labor to name a few. These costs don’t affect large retailers and chains the same way that they do single entity and boutique proprietors.

Getting used to the new normal is hard enough for small businesses, but the fact that the economy is still so early into this inflation cycle only adds to their obstacles.

The importance of the customer experience

Nothing is more important to these businesses than keeping their customers happy and creating ongoing relationships, so while costs are going up across the board, small businesses often try to keep their patrons happy by taking the economic hit and not passing along those costs. Nobody wants to lose customers, especially in a time of an uncertain economy.

Small businesses take that extra step to maintain the best relationships possible with their patrons — and Threadsy wants to do the same for our small business customers. For instance, there is no minimum to buy from our online store, so a client could buy 1 or 1,000 items, which allows small businesses to make and sell their goods, using our products, without the burden of purchasing a larger quantity than they need, or maintaining a storage space for unnecessary inventory.

The relationship between small business and patron means so much. One only must look to the younger generations of customers and how they often choose to shop. Their choice is clear as they continue to pick small businesses for their goods and services over their mega-distributor counterparts.

Small businesses offer customers a personal touch, and a greater commitment to diversity and sustainability all while meeting the customers’ exact needs.

The choice is yours

Then, there is issue of choice. Threadsy prides itself on offering more individual and customized choices. At Threadsy, we offer an endless assortment of top brands available, including Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Champion, American Apparel, Next Level Apparel, among others.

Young consumers want nothing more than to feel a personal connection to the brands they support, the businesses they buy from and the company and people who they engage in commerce with. This is why they gravitate so greatly to small businesses like Threadsy — and we want all consumers to share this sentiment.

Finding that gem

Is there anything better than browsing around a local book shop or record store and coming out with an unexpected hidden gem?  What’s more satisfying than going into a neighborhood bakery or deli and hearing, “The usual?” right before the person behind the counter calls you by your name? What’s better than knowing that getting your bike or car fixed at an independently owned repair shop or mechanic that is intent on giving you the best service possible? Threadsy shares in these ideals and carries this spirit through every interaction, in support of our small business customers.

Small businesses. It’s an essential element to America. And now more than ever, they need your support.


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