Can AI Transform Big Data Healthcare to Smart Healthcare?

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Big Data in Digital Healthcare

In recent years, healthcare went through a major digital transformation. This transformation includes digitizing health records, medical records, integration between multiple patient record databases, and so on.

There is a huge amount of digital transformation occurring in patient visits, appointments, follow-up, test results. Mainly the interaction and communication between patient and doctor is digitalized.

It is also undeniable that in recent years, a new revolution of healthy living has occurred. This encouraged the rise of preventive and proactive health apps and contributed in creating a huge pool of health and personal data.

This digitalization brought a huge set of data generated by multiple platforms, devices, and platforms that had never been created before. This huge pool of data created by these multiple sources of electronic systems is called “Big Data”.

AI and BIG DATA- a hidden dependency

AI has been around for over a decade. AI cannot be of a value to technology advancement and digital healthcare until it is continuous learning. For this continuous learning, it needs a huge amount of data. Big Data opened this big opportunity for AI to thrive.

This unique and interdependency is worth understanding and strategizing. It will bring the best of AI, Big Data to transform healthcare into a smart, sustainable, and synergized ecosystem.

AI and Big Data collaboration has proven a great success in business enterprise, ecommerce, and few other fields.

 AI- Double Edge Sword

It is always feared what risks new technologies can bring on privacy especially when dealing with sensitive data. AI on health data when properly governed and monitored can transform digital healthcare into a smart healthcare ecosystem. On the other hand, if AI is not properly monitored and governed when dealing with sensitive data like health, it can open a huge pool of vulnerabilities.

Governing the software code, access control and securing the health data while using AI tool could minimize the vulnerabilities to a considerable amount.

A New Era of Smart Healthcare Using AI and Big Data

Now a million or a billion-dollar question- How AI and Big Data together can help us transform digital health to smart healthcare.

The answer lies in the data pools and key data attributes. AI with proper governance can help us to pool usable health data from Big Data. AI is a great tool which can extract valuable health data from Big Data driven from connected devices, health database, health apps, and so on. AI roles in health data mining and data analytics can not only automate the process but also transform the data into high impact healthcare models.

Some of the high impact healthcare models include early diagnosis, prevention of diseases. These usable and key health data attributes can become the basis for creating smart healthcare which can prevent huge health challenges like mental health, cancer, senior healthy living, addiction, and even pandemics.

Proper governance of AI might include the appropriate sensitive data regulatory and legal requirements, proper access control to Big Data, data integrity, AI decision making controls, and more.


This is a new transformational era of digital health. In this era, we are provided with great tools with amazing capabilities than ever before. AI and Big Data are one of the two great examples of these advancements. Now, it is our role to govern, shape the usage of these tools to its greatest potential for smart and safe healthcare and communities overall.


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