Todd Allyn Podcast Transcript

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Todd Allyn Podcast Transcript

Todd Allyn joins host Brian Thomas on The Digital Executive Podcast.

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[00:00:12] Brian Thomas: Welcome to The Digital Executive. Today’s guest is Todd Allen. Throughout his extensive career, Todd Allen has garnered invaluable experiences from esteemed organizations, enhancing his understanding of economic principles and business strategies. He has made significant contributions to a prestigious business school known for its commitment to excellence in management education, crafting a curriculum that equips students with cutting edge knowledge and tools to thrive in a dynamic business landscape.

Beyond academia, Todd’s collaborative ventures with respected companies have further solidified his reputation as a professional with a dedication to excellence.

Well, good afternoon, Todd. Welcome to the show.

[00:00:51] Todd Allyn: Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Brian. How are you?

[00:00:54] Brian Thomas: Great. Thank you for jumping on Todd. I know sometimes it’s hard to make time zone traversing this globe, but I love meeting a new person every day, getting to hear their story.

And with their permission, sharing your story with the entire world. So again, thank you for jumping on. All right, Todd, jumping in here. You’ve got quite the career as a financial and wealth advisor. You’re a professor and entrepreneur, and now the director of Professor Econ International.

Could you share with our audience? The secret to your career growth and what inspires you?

[00:01:22] Todd Allyn: That’s a great question, Brian. I appreciate that question. The secret to my career growth is basically learning something new every single day and understanding that no matter what position a person has in life, you can always learn something from them.

From the Pope to a person in the street, you can learn something from them. And that has been the thing that has really elevated me Operating in humility and realizing that every one of us is equal than the eyes of the most high. So what inspires me honestly, Brian, is that I want to do things in this existence that I can leave a positive legacy that I can help as many people as possible in the current situation and in the future, so that when they pass on information to their loved ones, they will always say I met a guy named Todd Allen and he helped me become a better person. And that is one way that I can live a lot longer in this existence, even when I’m gone.

[00:02:14] Brian Thomas: Thank you. And that is put very nicely and you’re absolutely right. We were really put on this earth to serve others and lead that legacy and making the world a better place. The world can be pretty ugly sometimes, as you know, so I appreciate your message and what you’ve shared. That’s awesome.

[00:02:30] Todd Allyn: Thank you.

[00:02:31] Brian Thomas: So, Todd, you’ve helped countless people transform their personal and financial lives with your coaching, right? Could you share with our audience the one pitfall we all should avoid?

[00:02:43] Todd Allyn: Well, the one pitfall we should avoid is to have low self-esteem. You know, all men and women are created equal until we leave the hospital.

When we leave the hospital, we go into various environments. And as babies, as children, we are blank slates. And we learn so much of the world around us based on the environment that we come from. And unfortunately, Brian, sometimes we develop habits and low self esteem. So the biggest pitfall that we have.

Is trying to understand the world outside of ourselves and holding other people in higher esteem than ourselves. We’re born and shaped in the image of the most high. That makes us very valuable. And there’s only one of us in the world in the universe. And so we should have a high self-esteem. I’m not saying we should be arrogant, but we should have a self-esteem knowing that the most high has put everything that we need in us.

In order to be successful. So the biggest pitfall is having a low self-esteem and not believing that we are enough.

[00:03:45] Brian Thomas: Thank you. Again, put very succinctly and you’re spot on. We sometimes hold others. A lot of times we hold others in much higher regard. And really, we’re on the same equal playing field.

So I appreciate the message on that Todd. Todd, we are a technology platform, publication podcast. I’m a techie. So, we like to ask everybody, it doesn’t matter if you’re a techie or not, if you’re leveraging any of that new and emerging technology in your business. And if not, have you found a cool tool or app you might share with us today?

[00:04:15] Todd Allyn: Okay, thank you for that. one of the things that I’ve learned, and I apply with my coaching program is scrum and agile scrum. And I know that as a tech person you’re familiar with agile scrum as it relates to managing projects and managing workflows. But I’ve also combined scrum with OODA loop in terms of Observation, Orientation Decision and Action. Okay. And using that with decision sciences has really helped me to put together programs and processes to help people. circumvent the gap that they have from where they are to where they want to be. And also, an emerging technology that I use with Scrum in OODA loop and Decision Sciences is the current AI, right?

A lot of people call it Chat GPT, but there’s so many forms and so many variations of that, that I think that if one is not using Chat GPT and Chat for me. Or the for me is really an information gathering source. So, people used quote unquote Google in the past, but now they can use these other platforms and technologies and what they basically do in my view is help me to uncover opportunities and then I can be creative and using those technologies to be able to bridge the gap and to provide services for people who want to be involved in my program.

[00:05:33] Brian Thomas: Thank you. And everybody’s got some sort of tool or technology that they’re leveraging in the last, gosh, several months, we’ve talked about Chat GPT, but you’re absolutely right. These technologies will help augment the things that we’re doing to make us more efficient. Maybe even get a little bit smarter or focus on those higher-level tasks that we need to be working on.

So that’s awesome. And thank you, Todd.

[00:05:53] Todd Allyn: Appreciate it. Can I just make one point though? You know, a lot of people are afraid of the technology, and it was Karl Marx who also said that, when he talked about technology, he thought that it would replace workers. The thing to remember, I believe is that the technology still has to be managed by people.

And so even though we’re using items ChatGPT. We have to be very aware that there may be some bias in the programming and be able to circumvent those biases and be able to use the the information in a qualitative and quantitative manner. And so, I think that that becomes very important. The human element is still necessary.

[00:06:31] Brian Thomas: You are absolutely right. And there’s been many studies and papers written on that, how machines and humans working together will have a more positive outcome, but we do need to watch out for the bias, which we’re seeing it in chat GPT as we speak. So, thank you. So, Todd, last question of the evening here.

Can you share something from your career experience that would be helpful for those listening this evening, looking to grow their career in either coaching or entrepreneurship?

[00:06:57] Todd Allyn: Absolutely. As you know, going through the Marine Corps in service, and thank you for your service, Brian, by the way, but as you know, that one of the things that they talk about in the Marine Corps is that they say that leaders are readers.

And so, one of the things that has helped me in my career is the constant and never ending pursuit of knowledge. Through reading books and reading knowledge of other people, whether it be the stoics, whether it be different techniques on how to manage your mindset or whether it be different philosophies, whether you talk, talking about the Bible or you’re talking about other books that talk about managing your emotions and psychology and things like that.

The thing that has helped me most, Brian is never, never, never being satisfied. With where I am intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, or financially that I can always find information that will help me to grow on a day-to-day basis.

[00:07:52] Brian Thomas: I love that. Leaders are readers. I think that’s important, and you left just such great gems with us today, Todd.

I, and I certainly appreciate it. I know our audience will. Todd, it was a pleasure having you on today and I look forward to speaking with you real soon.

[00:08:07] Todd Allyn: Brian, thank you so much and peace and blessings to you. Thank you, Brian.

[00:08:10] Brian Thomas: Bye for now.

Todd Allyn Podcast Transcript. Listen to the audio on the guest’s podcast page.


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