Kelly Lynn Adams Podcast Transcript

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Kelly Lynn Adams Podcast Transcript

Kelly Lynn Adams joins host Brian Thomas on The Digital Executive Podcast.

[00:00:12] Brian Thomas: Welcome to the digital executive. Today’s guest is Kelly Lynn Adams. Kelly Lynn Adams is an award winning entrepreneur, IPEC certified, and highly sought out global executive leadership, life and business coach, success strategist, international speaker, creator of the perfectly imperfect podcast, and the founder of woman work worth movement.

She has helped teams and thousands of high performers, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes, celebrities, lawyers, and founders consciously monitor their stress, manage their mindset and energy, and maximize their time. Kelly Lynn activates leaders to redefine and unleash their next level of success without struggle and stress, step back into their power, purpose, personal freedom, and passion.

Well, good afternoon, Kelly Lynn. Welcome to the show.

[00:00:59] Kelly Lynn Adams: Thank you for having me. I’m so excited to be here.

[00:01:02] Brian Thomas: Absolutely. Thank you again. Making the time hailing out of the great state of New York. I appreciate you jumping on. I know we’re just an hour difference, but sometimes it’s hard to make times synced up on the calendar, unless we’re time travelers, this can be a challenge sometimes. So, Kelly Lynn, thank you so much. We’re going to jump right into the questions here. Let’s talk about your career a little bit. You started out in finance and strategy you were a senior executive and now you’re, a certified executive leadership and life coach of KLA productions. Okay. Could you share with our audience the secret to your career growth and what inspires you?

[00:01:37] Kelly Lynn Adams: Yes, I think the secret to my career growth has been resilience just because there’s been a lot of twists and turns, I would say in my path. And what inspires me is just really empowering and showing people the way and knowing that there is more to business and life that we all think there is and just to keep going, right? Just the motivation to keep going. Even if you’re hitting a hard spot, a tough spot, and even if you’re battling with like fear.

[00:02:07] Brian Thomas: Absolutely. And I appreciate that. In your particular role as an entrepreneur, sometimes you run across some very big challenges, and you have to address those and to do that as a feat as us entrepreneurs like to say.

Kelly Lynn switching gears – you’re known for getting results for some of the biggest executives in the industry. Is there one thing you could share with our audience say that makes you successful at what you do?

[00:02:31] Kelly Lynn Adams: Yes, I would say the one thing that makes me successful is really listening to people and listening on all fronts, right?

Listening to what they’re saying and what they’re not saying. And I think that makes me really successful because sometimes what people are saying is not really what they want to be saying. It’s listening to things that are not being said. And just being in really an observer viewpoint of the whole situation and like I said, what people are saying and not saying.

[00:03:01] Brian Thomas: Thank you and you’re absolutely right it’s communication. It comes down to listening a big part of it. So I appreciate the share on that. I know our audience will as well. And Kelly Lynn, we are a digital publication podcast. We focus on technology, emerging tech, right?

That’s our big thing. So, we want to ask you today, okay. Are you leveraging any of this new and emerging technology in your business? And if not, maybe there’s a cool tool or app you found useful you might share with us.

[00:03:30] Kelly Lynn Adams: Yeah, so we’re starting to we’re starting to implement some of the things and we’re actually just getting into AI.

So which is really our content and the writing for our content. But we’re all always excited to learn, that’s what I will say.

[00:03:44] Brian Thomas: That’s awesome. And there’s so many things that can be applied at all level. Gosh, I don’t know how many hundreds of apps are published every day in either the Apple store or the Android store, but that just the conversational AI or the AI that can create unique non copyrighted images, for example, right? There’s even an app that you can do your own headshot just based off some photos that you have. It’s just totally amazing how small businesses are able to take advantage of the technology that’s coming out today. So thank you and last question of the day. Kelly Lynn.

What’s the 1 piece of advice that you would give anybody that you meet in your travels?

[00:04:23] Kelly Lynn Adams: Yeah, I would just say, whatever is in your head and on your heart to go for it, we have limited time left on this earth. So it puts things into perspective. So don’t wait. And if there’s something that is, like I said, on your heart, in your head to really just go for it and take even one action step forward today on that.

[00:04:44] Brian Thomas: Thank you. Appreciate that. And you’re absolutely right. Our time is very limited. We never know when that will end. And as you get older, that runway just shortens. I think that’s a very important piece of advice for folks that you meet in your everyday life and in your travels. So thank you. Kelly Lynn, again, it was a pleasure having you on today and I look forward to speaking with you real soon.

[00:05:05] Kelly Lynn Adams: Thank you. You too.

[00:05:07] Brian Thomas: Bye for now.

Kelly Lynn Adams Podcast Transcript. Listen to the audio on Kelly Lynn’s podcast page.


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