What Is MetaVerified and Its Amazing Benefits

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What is MetaVerified? MetaVerified refers to verifying all your Meta accounts, such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Though not yet launched globally, the monthly subscription service is already gaining global sensation.  

Currently, the services are available for individuals and not businesses; however, Meta promises the same services for businesses in the future. However, people tend to ask whether the subscription is worth it.  

With the blue check badge comes many benefits beyond the exclusive and fancy social media account and appearance. The new verification services are gaining momentum, and many people are currently subscribing due to multiple benefits. So what is MetaVerified? Here are some benefits of MetaVerified.  

Benefits For Your Brand And Business 

Sometimes, you can use your profile to promote your business; hence, you must ensure nobody impersonates you or your account to spread false information. Most social media hackers and attackers mainly focus on identity theft to spread misinformation to affect your business. This involves creating an account with a similar account name to impersonate you and use the fake account to affect your business. Your competitors can also adopt this strategy to take down your business. 

MetaVerify protects individual accounts for celebrities, CEOs, and others by verifying only one account. The MetaVerified blue check badge is meant to identify real accounts from fake ones; hence consumers will not believe the fake accounts available.  

The impersonator can use the account to spread misinformation, but the target audience cannot believe the content posted from the fake account. 

Once you have the verified account, you no longer have to battle with impersonators or keep warning your consumers about fake accounts. Consumers will be aware of how to distinguish the two accounts, giving them the time to focus on other critical issues.  

With the verification, you will quickly grow your business. Though Meta Verify is not available for businesses, those who use it for business promotion can use their accounts to promote their businesses.  

1. Trust and Credibility 

In the misinformation and fear-mongering world, social media users must provide reliable information on their platforms. As a celebrity or an individual of power and influence, people tend to hang on to every word you say; hence, you must provide the most reliable information from your verified account. 

Once your account is verified and with a blue check mark, other social media users will likely trust the information posted on the site; hence you can easily dispute all additional information posted on fake accounts. This will save you from legal troubles, especially those related to nuisance. 

Agencies such as the FBI and the justice system rely on information posted on social media to pursue charges against you; hence, you must ensure your account is verified. With verification, you can easily prove that you did not share the words and they came from fake accounts.  

Proving your innocence and credibility can be difficult with all the fake accounts. The blue badge is a sign of credibility and assurance for your followers; they can easily trust the information posted on your platform to be reliable.  

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2. Gain More Followers 

If you are a rising star or a celebrity, you can increase your followers by gaining the blue check badge. People will associate more with verified accounts and follow them, believing they are legit and genuine.  

With the verified account, you no longer have to deal with account and brand promotion; you can use the account to promote all your needs, including branding. 

Followers also like stalking and monitoring celebs; hence they will likely follow checked accounts to monitor and keep up with the celebrity lifestyle. With the rise of YouTube and social media celebrities, you need a checked account to attract followers and get more popular. Once reviewed, you can link all your social media accounts to boost followership.  

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3. Support Services 

Meta has over 1 billion followers globally, making it challenging for the staff to address all the user needs. Meta has mainly focused on making the platform user-friendly by ensuring users can resolve all their problems virtually. However, cases such as accounts hacking may require special assistance from the support team. So what is MetaVerified?

Most users can hardly get the support services they need since the Meta platform has ongoing customer service concerns to address. However, with the verification comes free and immediate access to customer agents. The other benefit is that you can communicate with the support services through multiple communication services such as phone calls, email, or communication on the Meta platforms. 

4. Increased Reach 

With the verification comes many benefits, including favors from the Meta algorithms. These algorithms will boost your visibility to different people based on their search. They will quickly see a ‘follow me’ request, or your account will appear on their friend list, enabling you to gain followership easily. 

Instead of marketing your account and boosting the SEO practices, you can rely on Meta for your account optimization needs. Social media fans obsessed with celebrity followership are likely to see your account and profile to inspire followership.  

You can also increase your reach using the verification exclusive stars. Once you pay the monthly verification fees, you get about 100 stars. These stars are critical for supporting other social media content creators enabling you to gain followership, and helping creators earn on social media.  

Whenever you send a creator a star, Meta will send them the equivalent amount. This has led to social media commerce through content creation.  

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What is MetaVerified? 

So what is MetaVerified? Once you complete the verification process and Meta approves it, you can enjoy the endless benefits of the verification. The account will be secure from attacks, hacks, and impersonation, boosting trust and credibility. The verification also impacts your business growth, gaining followers and receiving more customized Meta support systems.  


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