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Will We See Metaverse M&A Accelerate in 2024?

The concept of a shared, interactive, and entirely virtual space known as the "metaverse" seized the imagination of tech enthusiasts and companies worldwide in...

What is Ahead for the Creation of Metaverse Video Games?

An experienced Metaverse video games developer can predict the future potential of a recently released Metaverse game. Playing games in the 3D environment created...

Building a Strong Community Through Engagement in The Metaverse

Blockchain games have revolutionized the gaming landscape by introducing the Play-to-Earn (P2E) model, and recent developments have brought new subcategories to the P2E model,...

Pros and Cons of Branding in Metaverse

The fact that no guidelines or playbooks have been established makes branding in metaverse all the more interesting. The professionals haven't figured them out...

Robert Bell

Robert Bell Founder & CEO Technology, Entrepreneur Newport Beach, CA, USA Listen to Robert's Podcast! 2B3D Inc. was founded in 2020 by investor and philanthropist Robert Bell as an...

Is Your Organization Getting Ready for the Metaverse?

Many organizations across the globe are seeing the potential opportunities of having a presence in the Metaverse and are beginning to prepare their digital...


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