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Three Reasons You Should Start An E-Commerce Business

Any person can become an entrepreneur. Sam Walton didn't start Walmart until he was in his mid-40s. On the other hand, Mo Bridges became...

Seven Reasons Why Companies Should Invest in Company Uniforms

Walk through a residential neighborhood and you’ll notice different delivery drivers. It’s easy to tell them apart, not just from the branding on their...

Jennifer Deutsch

Jennifer Deutsch Chief Marketing OfficerTechnology, ServicesCleveland, OH, USA Listen to Jennifer's Podcast! Jennifer Deutsch is the Chief Marketing Officer for Park Place, and leads marketing and communication...

Intent-based targeting in B2B marketing: intrusive or respectful?

As citizens of a digital world, I believe that most of us have made some level of peace with the fact that products and...

Leveraging the Power of Email Logos to Improve Customer Interaction

Brands have long tried to figure out a way to display a consistent visual representation of their assets inside email clients. Email is vital...

Zac Almeida

Zac Almeida Founder & CEO Technology, Marketing, SEO New York, NY, USA Listen to Zac's Podcast! Zac Almeida is the CEO and Senior SEO Consultant at The SEO Hustler...


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