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How Healthcare Can Embrace the Digital Transformation

For years, healthcare's digital experience has lagged behind other industries, especially in the health insurance space. Then a global health crisis hit.  The COVID-19 pandemic...

The Future of Global Payments in a Post-COVID World

As we surpass the year mark of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses continue to adjust, analyze and reflect on how they operate in both domestic...

Hany Fam

Hany Fam Founder & CEO Technology, Entrepreneur Austin, TX, USA Listen to Hany's Podcast! Hany Fam is CEO and Founder of Markaaz and a transformational leader with a track...

Ash Finnegan

Ash Finnegan Digital Transformation Officer Technology, Process Improvement London, England, UK Listen to Ash's Podcast! As Conga’s Digital Transformation Officer, Ash works directly with customers and partners on their...

4 Affordable Ideas to Grow Your Business Without A Big Team

In the COVID-19 crisis, businesses that were once offline have had to make a swift transition into the online space. In fact, a fifth...

Tomáš Svoboda

Tomáš Svoboda Chief Technology Officer Technology, Digital 4.0 Brno, Czech Republic Listen to Tomáš' Podcast! Tomáš Svoboda is the Founder and CTO at TechnicInsider and is a technology enthusiast....


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