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Evolution of Low-Code Technology in 2021

During the pandemic, quick development of digital applications and channels became necessary to meet a customer base that was increasingly performing day-to-day tasks online...

KPIs on IT Staff Augmentation Services

KPIs on Staff Augmentation have high  importance in Human Resources management. Whose relevance rests, perhaps, on the fact that nominal administration has great weight...

How To Go From Manager To Competitive Quality Assurance Tester

It may seem like a challenge to go from managing projects and teams to a technical career such as testing. It truth, the change...

Marcel Bagrin

Marcel Bagrin Web Designer, Developer Digital Media Chisinau, Moldova Coming Podcast! Marcel Bagrin is a web designer / CRO consultant in the market since 2009. His clientele consists mostly...

Davor Jordačević

Davor Jordačević Data Scientist, Developer Tech, AI, Machine Learning Serbia Coming Podcast! Davor is a Junior Data Scientist at with an Electrical Engineering background. He developed a keen...


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