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Know The Role Of A Certified Information Security Manager

In today's digital landscape, where cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and prevalent, the role of a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) has become...

Cyber Protection is Needed Now – How CCE is Changing the...

The severe shortage of appropriately skilled practitioners is presenting extraordinary risk as well as having debilitating effects on critical infrastructure organizations. Organizations continue to...

Kim Hakim

Kim Hakim Founder & CEOTechnology, CybersecuritySt. Louis, MO, USA Listen to Kim's Podcast! Kim Hakim is the Founder and CEO of FutureCon LLC. With over 20 years in...

Myke Lyons

Myke Lyons Chief Information Security Officer Technology, Software, Cybersecurity New York, NY, USA Listen to Myke's Podcast! Myke Lyons is the Chief Information Security Officer at Collibra. He is...

Stephenie Southard

Stephenie Southard Chief Information Security Officer FinTech, Security Chicago, USA Coming Podcast! Stephenie Southard has over 25 years’ experience in Information Technology and Security. She is a strategic executive with...

Lora Vaughn

Lora Vaughn Chief Information Security Officer FinTech, Security Little Rock, AR USA LinkedIn Profile Lora Vaughn McIntosh is Chief Information Security Officer at Simmons Bank. Lora brings 15 years...


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