7 Essential EDC Gadgets Every Person Should Have In Their Pockets

7 Essential EDC Gadgets Every Person Should Have In Their Pockets

Sometimes, we find ourselves in unexpected situations, like being stranded or amongst kidnappers. That’s why having a collection of essential EDC gadgets can be a lifesaver in times of need. 

EDC, or “Everyday Carry,” refers to items you carry with you daily to help you tackle any issues that may arise. 

This article will discuss 7 essential EDC gadgets that every person should carry in their pockets.

From a trusty pocket knife to a portable charger, these gadgets can help you stay prepared and tackle any challenges that may come your way.

1. Battlbox’s Scout Carry Sheath EDC Gadgets

BattlBox’s Scout carry sheath is a edc gifts designed to fit the Scout Knife, which features a handy Interchangeable Blade System (IBS). It allows you to switch out different blades depending on the task. The sheath is made from full leather and stitched with heavy-duty nylon thread, making it stylish and durable.

Also, the drop loop adds style and convenience when carrying your knife on your belt or bag. It’s incredible attention to detail makes this custom leather sheath a must-have accessory for the serious outdoorsman or EDC enthusiast. 

No matter what type of environment or activity you’re trying, the top-notch craftsmanship will ensure your knife stays safe and fastened in its holster wherever you go.

2. Southern Survival Fire Starter

This Southern Survival Fire Starter is an EDC must-have for any prepared-minded individual.

Measuring in a small and compact size, this Ferro rod and striker is for adventurers who don’t want to lug a bulky fire starter around all the time. Despite its minuscule size, this tool meets nothing less than exceptional standards. 

You can be sure you won’t be left in the cold with this product; it packs plenty of punch!

The Ferro rod part of this fire starter has been engineered to create as much heat as possible. Thus, you’ll always be able to easily & quickly get sparks flying out of it no matter where or how windy or wet your surroundings may be. 

Coupled with the included spark, which easily nests away into the handle, you can find yourself with a nice, banked flame within seconds!

Despite its small size, no one can underestimate the effectiveness of the Southern Survival Fire Starter.

3. Flashlight for EDC Gadgets

Regarding personal utility items, flashlights are one of the most versatile and practical. 

Their diminutive size makes them an ideal candidate for everyday carry. Therefore, it gives you a bright light when needed without taking up much space in your pocket or bag. 

However, a few things to consider when selecting the right mini flashlight for yourself, size and reliability being chief among them.

One enormous advantage of the smaller versions is that many come with rings, so you can easily attach them to your keychain. This is incredibly useful when you need extra light but don’t want to carry something too bulky.

4. Money (Cash) for EDC Gadgets

Cash has been a versatile and reliable currency for centuries. In most cases, it is better to carry cash than other forms of payment. Cash is sometimes necessary for an emergency or power outage in which banks and ATMs are temporarily unavailable.

It’s also essential during natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes when cash might be the only logical option for buying food and other supplies. A reliable supply of cash can come in handy when stranded somewhere, as it provides a way to get on board

5. First Aid Kit for EDC Gadgets

Accidents happen; being ready for the unexpected is always a good idea. A first aid kit is an essential tool that may help you prepare for situations. A first aid kit can be a lifeline as an EDC item when immediate medical help is necessary.

Some first aid kits may also contain scissors and tweezers.

Carrying a first aid kit in your EDC may help when traveling or partaking in outdoor sports. So, if you cut yourself while on an adventure, you can clean and bind the wound with supplies from your first aid box.

A first aid pack can also treat medical issues such as allergies or asthma episodes besides addressing injuries.

6. National ID Card

A National ID card is an EDC item that contains important personal information. These include our name, address, date of birth, and government-issued identification number.

When you carry a National ID card with you at all times, you can easily prove your identity when needed. This is especially important when you find yourself where you must present your identification, such as staying up late at night or applying for a loan.

7. Phone

Today’s society relies on phones for communication, navigation, entertainment and much more. A reliable supply of cash can come in handy when stranded somewhere, because it offers the possibility of getting on board.

The phone helps us contact friends and family, reply to work emails, receive social media alerts, and keep up with the news. We also use our phones’ cameras to capture important events and memories.


Having the correct EDC gadgets on hand may significantly improve your daily life. You can go about your day with assurance, knowing that you have everything you need to deal with any obstacles that may arise.


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