Terry Rowinski

Headshot of President & CEO Terry Rowinski

Terry Rowinski

Chief Executive Officer
Healthcare, Technology
Milwaukee, WI USA

Terry’s Podcast!

Terry Rowinski is the President & CEO of Health Payment Systems, in Milwaukee, WI. As President and CEO of HPS, Terry’s focus is providing consistent, relatable leadership that engages, inspires, and encourages growth within all levels of the organization. His People-Centric approach consistently yields positive bottom-line results by influencing hard-to-control costs such as turnover and productivity.

Throughout his 30+ year career, Terry has consistently led teams that exceeded financial objectives in both growth and cost reduction. While Terry has spent the last five years in the healthcare and patient billing industries, his senior leadership has made a positive mark in logistics, E-commerce and online retail including guiding retail giant Kohl’s Department Stores online merchandising launch as VP and GMM of E-commerce.



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