Subbu Murthy

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Subbu Murthy, PhD

Technology, Innovation
Irvine, CA USA

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Subbu Murthy is currently the CEO of UGovernIT/Service Prime. He has worked as a CIO/CTO for decades and was frustrated by point solutions for managing IT that took armies of services personnel to deploy. Service Prime is here to revolutionize IT Management, with a simple, comprehensive solution. It is cloud based and the first solution that is fully automated. Within five minutes you can be up and running. The Service Prime platform automates IT service desk, project management, resource management, and more. Prebuilt templates and AI driven workflows accelerate the ability to automate business processes such as employee on-boarding, pro-active customer management and a host others to drive significant efficiency within the enterprise. Service Prime makes aggregating of point solutions both expensive and irrelevant. It is cloud based with low fixed subscription and is built on configurable workflows, intelligent agents, analytics and dashboards.

Subbu has served as CIO in many mid-market companies, and as CTO with two successful exits. He has C-Level expertise in creating and marketing software products. As CTO in a product company (Relsys), Subbu developed the first automated testing language and the SQA framework for the medical device industry and developed a CRM solution for customers like Alcon, Allergan, Baxter, Boston Scientific, and J & J. This led to its successful acquisition by Oracle for $270 Million.

As CIO in a health evaluation company (QTC Management, Inc.) an outsourced occupational health, injury evaluations, and disability examinations in the country, Subbu developed the early version of the EDR (Electronic Disability Record) that helped raise the valuation of QTC. QTC was acquired by a Private Equity Firm, also for $270 Million.

Early in his career, Subbu developed the global delivery models for IT services in 1985, developed an early version Java script like language in 1991 for the healthcare industry, SaaS based ERP and CRM systems for claims processing in 2003, web-based B2B outsourcing portal, and the first SaaS fuzzy logic system in 2006.

Subbu Murthy’s 3D are:

1. Running Service Prime (aka UGovernIT, Inc.) a product company that is successfully disrupting companies like Service Now with a scalable highly automated ITSM solution.

2. Helping Women get certified as CIOs to bring diversity in IT management. 12 have been certified and 30 plus will be certified in March 2020. Also planning a Training Institute to help people over 40 get the training to survive the technology shifts (Cloud, AI, RPA, Block Chain).

3. Helping a brilliant IT services company (Infogen Labs) grow.


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