Matt Morris

Headshot of Managing Director Matt Morris

Matt Morris

Managing Partner
Technology, Cybersecurity
Atlanta, GA, USA

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Matt Morris is the Managing Partner for 1898 & Co. Security. He is a Digitalization and Cybersecurity executive and author, and currently the Managing Director for 1898 & Co. Security, where he leads a diverse team of ICS cybersecurity practitioners.

His mission is to serve humanity by improving safety, security, and reliability of the world’s critical infrastructure through resiliency, improved situational awareness and preparedness.

An industry luminary, Matt Morris previously spearheaded ICS cybersecurity programs at Cisco, Siemens, and NexDefense.  At Cisco, Matt architected and led the world’s first managed industrial cyber security service, among other major achievements.  Matt has 26 years of strategy and technology leadership.

Matt Morris is a highly sought-after speaker on ICS cybersecurity and an accomplished author.  He has been published in SecurityWeek, USA Today,, International Business Times, CIO Insights, CIO Review, and many other notable publications.  Matt is a Certified CISO (C|CISO), holds 12 DHS ICS-CERT certifications and a MBA degree from Emory Goizueta Business School.


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