Kim McMahon

Headshot of Director Kim McMahon

Kim McMahon

Technology, Architecture, Marketing
Denver, CO, USA

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Kim McMahon is the Leader, Product Marketing at Cisco.

Visibility and community is drives business growth. Grow the community, make your efforts visible and people join you!

Kim McMahon has been leading organizations, creating strategic plans and messaging, growing organizations and revenue, implementation of programs, and management of staff for the full range of marketing and community activities supporting the overarching goals of the organization.

Developing the strategic plans, contributing to community growth, creating key messages, and how we will grow the organization is her passion. Add to that the ability to build community and bring people together and it’s the perfect job! Knowing what to say, how to say it, where to share it, and bringing all elements together in a cohesive, yet efficient manner – that’s the magic.

Kim believes in a holistic approach to marketing; that messaging aligns with your strengths, go-to-market activities interact and build upon each other, and understanding our partner’s and customer’s business issues and giving them what will drive their business will deliver success.

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