Kenny White

Headshot of Chief Creativity Officer Kenny White

Kenny White

Chief Creativity Officer
Tech, Public Relations
Oakland, CA, USA

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Kenny White is Chief Creativity Architect at Funworks, a creative agency using psychology, neuroscience and fun to generate extreme collaboration and progressive design thinking.

At a young age, Kenny was trained in art of working harder and longer than others. Kenny thought that was his leg up in life and it helped him accomplish a lot. Then through life’s good graces he discovered that he also has a unique gift for helping others be productive through play…not just grinding. This started at his previous company How Funworks, and now he’s on a mission to scale what he’s learned and help others use the “science of fun” to be more productive, creative, and connected.

Kenny White has over 19 years experience helping brands like Netflix, HP, Starbucks, and ESPN stand out in the market. In that time he noticed how the business process can stifle creative progress, so he decided to change things and co-founded Funworks. Now he uses the science of fun to help teams unlock their creative potential.

Since founding Funworks, Kenny has helped grow the company to achieve:

  • Inc 5000s fastest growing companies
  • Adweeks Top 100 Fastest Growing Agencies
  • AdAge Small Agency of The Year

In addition to his work at Funworks, Kenny White has been able to share what he has learned about building fun into workflow through articles in Harvard Business Review and Fast Company. He also had the pleasure of getting hundreds of people to dance out their challenges for the Singapore National Library Future of Learning Event.

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