David Lichter

Headshot of Founder David Lichter

David Lichter

Automotive, Tech, Entrepreneur
Boston, MA, USA

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David Lichter is the Founder of Lock Horns.

David Lichter is the Founder and Owner of Lock Horns, whose locking system patent is the foundation for their first product to market: Wheel Locks… that Actually Lock!™  David has been a scientist in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries for >20 years, and applies his expertise in the scientific method, organization, and problem solving to entrepreneurship – to create, innovate, and drive progress. In 2009 David woke up to his new car on cinder blocks, wheels nearly stolen. After searching the market unsuccessfully for a higher quality wheel locking system, he finally decided to ‘reinvent the wheel’ lock to create a superior theft deterrent, and ‘lock horns’ with thieves to help millions of vehicle owners protect themselves and their families.

Lock Horns

Lock Horns LLC invented a proprietary double-locking technology to deter theft. The first product to market are “Wheel Locks… that Actually Lock!”

New Gold Standard
Disruptive new technology – wheel locks that actually LOCK

Double-Lock Technology
State-of-the-art, patent-pending
Unique numbered locks and matched coded keys

Quality, Strong, Durable
Parts made from Grade 8 & Grade 9 steel, nickel, chrome
Caps to limit debris from lock

Deter & Protect
Unique locks provide a superior theft deterrent
Wheels and rims are expensive and replacements can cost thousands of dollars

Wheel locks with locks or without locks? The choice is yours!

Protect rims & wheels of sports cars, pickup trucks, common vehicles, and everything in between!

David Lichter is also featured on our premiere Features Page, and you can read his podcast interview transcript.


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