Art of Implosion: Artist Johny Dar on a Transformative Voyage Within

artist and creator of Art of Implosion Johny Dar

Berlin, Germany – August 23, 2023 – Renowned artist Johny Dar is once again breaking artistic boundaries with his latest masterpiece, AOI: Art of Implosion. This groundbreaking project blurs the lines between art, technology, healing, and ancient practices, offering a transformative experience that defies categorization. AOI is now open to the public in Berlin, Germany, marking the fourth stop of its global pop-up tour.

Johny Dar’s work always challenged conventional notions of artistic expression by seamlessly integrating diverse elements such as fine art, sounds, design, and multimedia. With this approach, his artistic evolution brought him to the foundation of arts as a powerful healing modality. 

At the heart of AOI lies a state-of-the-art technological marvel: a standing capsule that invites individuals to step inside and embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing. Through this innovative device, users are enveloped in a frequency that induces a deep meditative state, cleansing their minds and relaxing their bodies. AOI’s carefully crafted environment creates a space where subconscious thoughts, ideas, needs, and issues can emerge and be explored comfortably at will. This personal experience exposes users to energy and vibrations at a frequency of 528hz, harmonizing with ancient healing practices and promoting holistic well-being.

Johny Dar on the transformational journey he supports through his technological innovation, Art of Implosion: “Allow the intelligence of your mind to merge with the intelligence of your body. Then you really become 100%. And when you are 100% from head to toe, then everything is convinced. You communicate that success, you walk it, you are it, you talk it, and nobody disagrees because you are 100% in.”

Drawing on decades of research and exploration, artist Johny Dar harnessed the power of ancient shamanic concepts and modern scientific insights to develop AOI. The Prana Pulse code, a program rooted in millennia-old medical modalities, forms the basis for this transformative experience. AOI’s unique LED therapy, resembling a mesmerizing rainbow, delivers seven distinct light rays, including optional infrared light. Simultaneously, users are immersed in the soothing soundscape of ‘Liquid Gold,’ an original composition by Dar, designed to evoke heightened states of awareness and emotional release.

AOI goes beyond the artistic realm, delving into the science of light, meridians, and bio-photonics. The project’s integration of these ancient practices, like acupuncture and acupressure, aligns with the concept of meridians from traditional Chinese medicine. By stimulating specific points along these energy pathways, AOI’s LED equipment harmonizes the body’s energy flow and promotes overall well-being.

Furthermore, AOI taps into the intriguing world of bio-photonics, where every cell emits bio-photons that carry vital information. AOI’s pioneering approach uses light to enhance cellular communication, enabling the body to function optimally and thrive.

Art of Implosion

artist and creator of Art of Implosion Johny Dar
Photo credit Roman Lutkov

AOI: Art of Implosion debuted to critical acclaim in Ibiza, Costa Rica, and Dubai and has now arrived in Berlin. As part of its global tour, the installation will captivate audiences in more locations yet to be announced.

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About Johny Dar

Johny Dar is a visionary artist known for his boundary-pushing creativity that transcends artistic genres. His innovative projects have captivated audiences around the world, challenging traditional norms and inspiring transformative experiences. With a lifelong dedication to the convergence of art and healing, Dar’s recent work AOI, Art Of Implosion, explores the profound connections between human consciousness, technology, and ancient wisdom. 

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Photo credits: Roman Lutkov


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