Succeeding in the Business of Life

Succeeding in business life

Success in business is akin to success in life: hard work pays off. Life is simply better when you’re on your game, and when you excel in deed, word and thought, you exude that confidence to others, whether that’s your spouse or your colleagues. So, how can you operate at your very best every single day and motivate the people around you to do the same? Here is some advice on succeeding in the business of life.

Embrace Your Uniqueness

Explore your uniqueness…what makes you YOU? Is it your leadership style? Is it your enthusiasm and zest for life? Is it your never-back-down attitude? Is it your propensity to be kind to everyone no matter their status in your organization? Those are all great qualities to explore. Your uniqueness also stems from your personality and those daily quirks that make you endearing to others. Decide what your differentiator is, embrace those traits that make you uniquely qualified, experienced and interesting, and channel the confidence that is sure to evoke a positive response in others, says Inc.

Don’t be Afraid to Take a Gamble

Successful people don’t get where they are by always playing it safe. They aren’t afraid to take a risk, take the road less traveled, stifle their fears and truly go after something they want. In fact, the best entrepreneurs are gamblers by nature. Yes, it’s risky but it can also be incredibly rewarding and  fun. Successful entrepreneurs combine a healthy tolerance for risk with diligence, backed by diverse experience. They aren’t afraid to fail, learn and repeat, over and over again. Those trials and failures are what will make you a better person and ultimately more successful in the business of life.

Assume Everything is Possible

Successful people don’t cower from challenges, or take a Negative Nelly attitude to any project that is proposed. Instead, they assume everything is possible until it’s proven impossible. Not everything will work out, to be sure. But when faced with a challenge, think of it first and foremost as overcome-able. Open your mind to consideration of every solution, always defaulting to “yes.” This open mind will allow new ideas to infiltrate your business life that you never thought possible before. 

Scare Yourself a Little

If you’re terrified to get up in front of people to speak at conferences, take a public speaking class to get better at it. If you have a bit of anxiety meeting people in business or social situations, push yourself out of your comfort zone and attend parties, gatherings and work events. Perhaps it goes a little deeper than business, and you want to conquer something death defying, like skydiving. Whatever makes you push the envelope and scare yourself a little will only force you to grow as an entrepreneur and individual, advises Success.

Be Kind to Yourself

Business is hard. Life is hard. Give yourself a break every once in a while and remind yourself daily that you’re good enough. Poor self-image is deflating and does not allow you to improve and grow as an individual. Why not make a short list of acts today that will remind you of the good you brought to other people? Do it every day to give yourself a little boost. We all need it.

Look for New Experiences

New experiences bring fresh perspectives — something everyone finds themselves lacking at one point or another. You can learn something from everyone you come across in life. That’s why you should be open to as many people, cultures, and perspectives as you can, from exploring unfamiliar cultures to meeting a new person every week. Travel, see the world, expose yourself to new people and ideas. This will broaden your sphere of existence and help you realize your thoughts aren’t the only ones of importance.

Be Transparent in Your Leadership

Decision-making should always be transparent. Too much importance is placed on organizational hierarchy and the typical siloed decision-making model. Invite your team to collaborate on new ideas and present them in a safe environment where they can feel heard. When they are empowered in this way, people are more likely to embrace new decisions and invest in successful outcomes.

In the end, it’s important to get the basics right. Unsuccessful people spend too much time trying to be visionaries and lose sight of the core principles they stand for. Be passionate about your business, do your homework, cultivate relationships and take care of your people — both at work and at home. Only then can you truly achieve success in the business of life.


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