Pivoting My Passion for Restaurants to Tech-Fueled In-Home Fine Dining

two chefs using tech to schedule and prepare In-Home Fine Dining

Food service has inarguably been around since the beginning of localized civilizations. Before the advent of restaurants, chefs were employed only by nobility. Our modern food and beverage industry turned into what we’re more accustomed to today. As the food service industry continues to evolve, there has been a massive rise in demand for culinary tech services including in-home fine dining, and that is where innovative brands like INTUEAT are changing the game for diners.

When I went to Johnson & Wales, many of my classmates that had grown up in the restaurant industry like myself, shared a saying, “there’s always money to be made.” We had all come to know that no matter what came next—what crisis costing more than we might have, could be solved with a shift at the restaurant. Or if against all odds, our careers somehow folded, we could always find a line cook job. It has always been a safety net to those in the know.

Until March 2020.

All of a sudden, the consistent industry that more than 13.4 million people had relied on in 2019, came to a screeching halt. This is where my talented colleagues and I found ourselves, and when my greatest passion pivoted digitally. The way things panned out with COVID left a lot of culinary professionals out of work, and INTUEAT was able to keep them going while creating a new community of passionate chefs. The brand carved out a new path forward for accessibility and new opportunity for our chefs with in-home fine dining.

Pivoting service

Growing up in Brazil, my mom and her family had started a small-town restaurant, so I was immersed in the restaurant industry at a young age. One thing I’ve always known, people love dining out. In fact, in 2021, the industry saw about $789 billion in sales.

Everyone knows that when celebrating, when mourning, when having an average Wednesday, people come alive when they hear, “hey, let’s go out to eat.” Because that’s where you get a great meal. There’s never been a real alternative. That’s the mindset that consumers were locked into for decades, even centuries before the pandemic.

I too missed going out for a luxury meal – the ambiance, the sound, the menu, the hospitality, and of course, the chef-inspired cuisine. I was determined to find a way to bring this back—not just selfishly, but for all of the magnificent chefs and restaurant workers I knew through in-home fine dining.

I began to wonder, what if we could bring the restaurant to guests outside the restaurant walls, which is where INTUEAT started. But it was only the beginning, which made me think, what if it wasn’t just the food, but the experience?

Bringing a hospitality aspect into the culinary tech space is what sets us apart. Developing a new kind of personal and private chef brand required a lot of innovation to make it stand out. One thing I noticed that the culinary space was lacking was a “human touch,” meaning that we are reachable and accessible including in-home fine dining. People typically don’t feel like there is a person behind the screen, so bringing in that human element makes a big difference.

Driving a movement 

I think people deserve the inspiration and community that an exceptional dining experience can create, but in a way that isn’t a hassle to plan. This can’t be found through a delivery-app or drive-through window.

Not only that, but I also think there are more inspired, talented chefs, than available chef positions in restaurants. A chef should still be able to follow their passion and share that passion with others with in-home fine dining without being expected to own and maintain a successful brick-and-mortar establishment.

My passion became finding ways to make this a reality. The connection I needed came when I wanted to plan a special night for my then-girlfriend, now-wife and wanted to do so with a five-star dining experience in my new downtown apartment. I couldn’t be the only one who had a need for this. So, we pivoted to provide a platform for diners, like myself, to view chef profiles and cuisine options, along with their availability and pricing, to book for intimate dinners and larger events.

The food and dining experience is not virtual, I hope it never is. But technology can help evolve the way we connect and pursue dining experiences. It’s not just finding food to consume, any fast-food or fast casual dining room can do that. It’s about hospitality—that’s what makes the restaurant industry thrive.

In-home fine dining

Implementing a tech aspect to every area of the culinary world can revolutionize the industry as a whole, at INTUEAT we bring best-in-class chefs straight to your fingertips, instead of leaving it up to diners to search far and wide for a luxe dining experience.

Each INTUEAT client interaction is a human-focused experience. It’s not just great food, all the time—it’s community, connection and exemplary service. In Brazil, finding ourselves around the dining room table was almost a spiritual experience—where everyone was welcome and expected to contribute. My passion is bringing this feeling to diners—and making it simple through in-home fine dining and INTUEAT’s culinary tech platform.


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