Medicinal Mushroom Company Offers a Fresh Take on Sleep Health

young woman sleeping on bed - a fresh take on sleep health

The pandemic boosted collective stress levels in America, with poor sleep cycles wreaking havoc on our health. Sleep deprivation affected nearly half of U.S. adults in 2022. We are accumulating more sleep debt than ever before, and the wellness industry is hungry for solutions. The current clinical workforce cannot manage the number of sleep deprivation-related cases, presenting a need to expand wellness offerings that specifically treat nightly snooze. Here’s the company that offers a fresh take on sleep health.

People are coping with stress and burnout, all while the world speeds ahead. The time is ripe for healthy solutions to combat sleep deprivation, and scientists from Psyched Wellness are bringing the new ‘sleep in a bottle’ solution, Calm, to nightstands across the United States. Calm is the first legal Amanita Muscaria extract available in the United States, a significant stride for medicinal mushroom treatments in the market. The team aims to bring customers back to their roots with a holistic, plant-based approach to sleep.

Medicinal mushrooms and the future of wellness

The role of mushrooms in health and wellness is expanding and evolving. We’re learning about functional mushrooms and psychedelic mushrooms and how they can all be used to improve wellbeing. Medicinal mushrooms, by comparison, are a specific area that focuses on restorative health. The sector is slated to grow exponentially by 2028 as we learn to harness existing therapies to tackle ongoing health issues in today’s society.

Medicinal Mushrooms (or medicinal fungi) have been used for centuries. These mushrooms share essential qualities that restore balance to the body, relax muscles, repair injuries, promote sleep and treat insomnia. In addition, research shows that detoxified medical mushrooms can also treat post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and many addictions.

The red and white mushroom

Amanita Muscaria, or fly agaric, is a healing mushroom that spans centuries. Amanita Muscaria can be used to soothe the body and mind. Muscimol, the compound found in these mushrooms, has been proven to treat anxiety and muscular pain and promote restorative sleep. Researchers have documented its therapeutic use by several cultures throughout Europe and Asia, including local shamans who are said to have used it in their rituals.

The fungi’s transformative properties are often symbolized and magnified in mainstream media, which has made the mushroom so memorable. Alice and Wonderland and Super Mario are two examples that give its transformative powers an extra boost.

While Amanita Muscaria spans time and culture, Psyched Wellness’ team is the first to take these storied applications and bottle them for those who need a good rest. We hope this can start a new generation of psychedelics, one that caters to users who are ready to reap the benefits of medicinal mushrooms without hallucinogenic effects.

For more on this fresh take on sleep health, listen to Jeff Stevens, CEO of Psyched Wellness, on the Coruzant podcast.


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