Types of Server Rack Equipment for Data Centers

engineer working on server rack equipment

Properly running a data center means having all the right equipment. Servers, server racks, and cables aren’t the only elements you’ll need to store and protect data. Server racks aren’t just a cabinet to store servers on; they need supporting equipment to help essential factors like cooling and organization. Learn all the types of server rack equipment for data centers you’ll need.

Why Do Servers Need Server Racks?

You need to store servers on server racks for some essential reasons:


Security is a high priority for any data center because of their cost and purpose. They can run upwards of thousands of dollars and they house sensitive data like consumer card information. Some server racks can lock to prevent theft or tampering.


Servers need to be at the right temperatures to run efficiently. Server racks provide proper airflow to prevent them from overheating.


Server racks also allow for easy organization and access for maintenance, repairs, and growth.

Types of Server Rack Equipment

In a data center, server racks need other items to help them provide proper cooling and easy access. Not all types of server racks will need the following, but most will need:

Blanking Panels

Blanking panels might seem like an unnecessary hunk of plastic, but server racks need them for distributing airflow. They fill empty spots to prevent hot air from settling and are easily removeable when it’s time to add a server.


Rails attach to the side of a server, allowing it to slide onto the server rack. They help to secure them into place to prevent accidental damage from incidents like earthquakes. But typically, technicians use them for easier access to provide upgrades or troubleshooting.


All server racks need a form of power cord and other cables to connect them to other equipment like routers and switches. You’ll need to develop a cord management system to keep everything organized, which will, again, make maintenance and organization easier.

Server Rack Equipment

Understanding the types of server rack equipment for data centers you’ll need can help you get off on the right foot, whether you’re creating a small server room onsite or a colocation facility.


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