Digital CEO & Augmented Teams are Amazing for Digital Transformation

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Truly, digital CEO & augmented teams are amazing for digital transformation. The changes in the field of marketing have continued without stopping until reaching the digital transformation of companies. The current world situation, with the coronavirus pandemic, has further accentuated these changes, has made them a necessity. The digital CEO has become the great strategist of remote business management.

There are many challenges that a CEO, as a corporate leader, faces when making the right decisions when managing teams and projecting plans to be executed. The CEO will be the one who stands up for the company to the clients and for the work team that makes it up, since good communication is essential.

Characteristics of a well-positioned digital CEO

  • A diligent digital CEO must be attentive to how the company he or she represents is perceived on social media. The CEO is also aware of what competitors are doing.
  • Is responsible for his/her own perceptions. It does not stick to the reports he/she receives from other departments; the CEO analyzes the data without intermediaries.
  • Additionally, the CEO focuses on action rather than strategy. The CEO is bold and takes risks.
  • CEO advises and shares. Does it both with his/her work team and with his/her clients, all with a vision of the future.
  • A digital CEO connects with his/her customers and is not satisfied with just promoting on social media.
  • The CEO positively represents the brand he promotes. Most customers identify the brand with the company manager.
  • In addition, the CEO leads the exchange of ideas among the members of the team to choose the best one. The CEO also promotes collectivism against individualism, generates trust and responsibility.
  • The CEO is aimed at guaranteeing the survival of the company by switching to digital, especially in hybrid spaces that combine the physical with the digital.

Increased equipment to improve productivity

In the midst of a reality as changing as the current one, due to technological advances, the human factor and its values ​​are essential for progress. According to this premise, it is recognized that technology is helpful in improving productivity by increasing people’s capabilities.

An augmented team is made up of a group of individuals trained cognitively, physically, and sensitively to achieve a common goal. They must possess diverse competencies and be committed to working together.

To achieve these objectives, it is necessary to use a set of technical equipment that brings the real world to the information device that is possessed. It is virtual information available to the user; the physical meets the virtual, which together produces the information augmented in real time.

This augmented equipment allows it to be part of the virtual environments through virtual reality glasses, among other devices. Everything is created by a computer that changes the position of objects. The images are superimposed on the real space, mixing the real with the virtual, although totally differentiated. With mixed reality a 3D model of reality is created.

Techunting, the best digital talents

Techunting is a digital company that includes various services according to the client’s interests. Among them is the intermediation for the increase of personnel and their recruitment. This is a resource through which the temporary staff is increased in order to optimize the performance of a company.

Another Techunting offer is one that facilitates software outsourcing and digital transformation consulting. Digital marketing is also among its remote management activities. To optimize this remote management, compliance with pre-established rules, compliance with objectives and clear communication are taken into account.

The increase in what has been called teleworking has become very notable in Latin America. Such a boom makes it promising, provided that companies adapt to the new times and provide their employees with the indispensable tools.

End of year planning and dates are propitious to approach the positioning of Techunting in the social networks, in Facebook and LinkedIn mainly; to know them better and contact them. It is an alternative that cannot be missed given the company’s experience, proven and recognized in the aforementioned social networks. Digital CEO looking to make a change? Look no further than Techunting.



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