Crypto Games: How to Develop Blockchain Games

Crypto Games: How to Develop Blockchain Games
Crypto Game

The NFT or crypto games are currently causing a stir in the industry. Additionally, it is spreading internationally. One of the numerous sectors that is tremendously benefited by cryptocurrency is the online gaming industry.

Additionally, according to 19% of respondents, the adoption of blockchain technology in the gaming sector has enhanced consumer trust.

The impact of blockchain on the cryptocurrency gaming sector is clearly illustrated in this paper. Let’s explore the numerous facets of blockchain game creation and cryptocurrency. 

Complete Guide on Building Crypto Games

Let’s examine the methods used in the creation of Crypto games. It may be difficult to understand the technique. For reader convenience, we divided it into various pieces. Every article in this series has covered a different facet of creating Crypto games.

Let’s get going!

Examine and comprehend the blockchain’s technical foundation

Make sure you are always familiar with modern blockchain security. Learn more about the advantages, applications, and integration of blockchain. Learn about its constraints, drawbacks, and difficulties as well.

Crypto game developers should be familiar with distributed ledger technologies, hashing algorithms, and blockchain consensus. The white paper outlines the blockchain’s methodology and infrastructure. Furthermore, it is crucial to comprehend the various blockchains, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Neo, and Hyperledger, and how they operate.

Be familiar with various data structures and databases

The blockchain network must be structured by a blockchain developer to meet demand and requirements. From this point on, they must be familiar with and comprehend the numerous categories of optimal databases and data structures for the target network.

Recognize the Smart Contract Development Process

The blockchain developer needs to be familiar with the many kinds of smart contracts and how to create them.

Recognize the Use of Decentralization in Blockchain

On several blockchain platforms, the dApps can be created utilizing various protocols and practices. A blockchain game developer must consequently embrace and comprehend decentralization.

Understanding Cryptography for Crypto Games

The foundational elements of blockchain operations are cryptography and the digital ledger. The developer should be knowledgeable about the foundations of cryptography, all relevant algorithms, and which kinds of algorithms are most effective for different kinds of blockchain networks.

Learn about cryptoeconomics

Discover and comprehend the blockchain’s code for cryptocurrencies as well as its economics. Game theory, mathematical frameworks for framing cryptoeconomics, and the conflicts involved in framing are all topics covered in a number of blockchain developer training courses. One should also be aware of the elements that influence cryptoeconomics and associated monetary policies.

Coding in computers for Crypto Games

Computer programming is absolutely necessary for the creation of any sophisticated and successful software, including Apps, which are decentralized applications. However, in some cases, even a non-programmer might be able to design a straightforward decentralized app development  application.

That concludes our discussion of the many aspects of blockchain development. When creating a blockchain game, every aspect must be carefully considered. All of these elements enable you to create an extremely sophisticated blockchain game application.

Discover more about dAPPs by reading this blog: Blockchain distributed applications

What tech stack is needed to construct the crypto game?

A skilled team and a stable tech stack are necessary for creating a solid and dependable blockchain/ crypto game. The group must consist of

  • Project Managers
  • Front-end and Back-end Developers
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Android and iOS Developers
  • Quality Assurance Team and Testers
  • PR Team

Best Crypto Games Internationally

NFT games come in two flavors: free crypto games and paid crypto games. The following section of our blog will examine some of the most popular cryptogames available worldwide. So let’s get going!


Popular cryptocurrency game Cryptopop is most like candy crush. But the Candy Crush features icons for things like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, and more. These symbols are all covered by virtual balloons, which must be combined with point earning to create digital currency. 


Another well-known cryptocurrency game that you can download from Android or iOS is CropBytes. Playing this game will win you cryptocurrency. Isn’t it fantastic? As a result, one can trade these currencies for bitcoin.

Combine cats

Merge cats is a simple game to play to earn the cryptocurrency “soul.” The ability to score while still actively playing the game is one of its best aspects. To reach the next level, you must combine cats and then arrange them in the proper order. As you advance in level, you continue to accrue more points.

Universe OX

In space games, players construct spacecraft and venture into the universe to discover new planets. You also have a ton of other things to complete, like gathering materials and discovering new locations. The graphics in the OX universe are top-notch. You can construct a starship by buying various components, or you can unlock the components by playing the game.

Top  Global Blockchain Gaming Companies

The number of blockchain gaming startups has increased recently. Here are some of the leading blockchain gaming companies for 2020.

  1. BRD
  2. BitMEX
  3. Labs Netki Spring
  4. SALT Financing
  5. Fantasy Games
  6. Gemini
  7. IBM
  8. Voatz Steemit


Our blog, Crypto Games: A Guide to Blockchain Games Development, is something we hope you’ll like. To sum up, creating a blockchain or nft game is a challenging task that calls for extensive knowledge. But as technology advances, it’s evolving into one of the most well-liked gaming app development specialties.

Considering the huge demand for cryptocurrencies and the digital economy, investing in the development of crypto games is incredibly rewarding.

To discover the latest trends in the market, one must carefully monitor the data from the marketplace. To design a fun and dependable crypto games app, it is crucial to keep an eye on your competitors.


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