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Transforming Barbie Models into Real Women in STEM Careers

This past summer, Mattel – makers of ‘Barbie’ – announced a line of six prominent, minority STEM leaders from around the globe who were in...

How Chemical Engineering Improves Our Food

While food additives may seem bad, they are actually quite beneficial. Here’s how chemical engineering improves our food in ways you may not realize. Many...

Important Things to Know About Mass Spectrometry

Mass spectrometry is a word that many people haven’t heard before. Most people get intimidated by the word, but mass spectrometry isn’t as complicated...

Creating Space for New Ideas

At GoldieBlox, we are a multimedia company rewriting the script for young girls by empowering them with digital-first content and creative products that spark...

Tech’s Diversity Issues Need Community-Based Solutions

The lack of tech's diversity in STEM fields is a problem – not just for underrepresented communities, but for the industry itself. Homogenous groups of...

Maynard Okereke

Maynard Okereke Founder and CEO STEM, Entertainment Los Angeles, CA, USA Listen to Maynard's Podcast! Maynard Okereke, better known as the Hip Hop M.D., graduated from the University of...


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