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From Banking to Medical Tech: My Journey from 9-to-5 to Entrepreneur

If asked, most entrepreneurs will tell you that their business was their destiny, something they always felt compelled to do. While I...

Mathieu Mireault

Mathieu Mireault Co-Founder Technology, Entrepreneur Montreal, Quebec, Canada Listen to Mathieu's Podcast! Mathieu Mireault, co-founder of Dermadry and medical liaison, never intended to be an entrepreneur. Mathieu’s co-founder Maxime Calouche suffered from hyperhidrosis, which...

Bloodlight: Improving Open-Source Blood Analysis

The intersection between recent wave of wearables and the Covid19 pandemic has led to a surge of interest in the medical and...

The Process of Designing a Medical Device

Medical devices are imperative to the diagnosis and treatment of patients. From standard devices such as blood pressure monitors to advanced medical...

Helpful Tips for Designing Medical Devices

Designing medical devices is a complex and challenging process. Ultimately, the resulting device has the potential to greatly impact the health and...


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