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From Banking to Medical Tech: My Journey from 9-to-5 to Entrepreneur

If asked, most entrepreneurs will tell you that their business was their destiny, something they always felt compelled to do. While I always wondered...

Five Instances When Anesthesia Record Software is a Need, Not a...

Disconnects in daily processes are costly. Archaic data collection, jammed-up bill processing, and poor patient management can quickly amount to lost time and revenue...

Daniel Dura

Daniel Dura Co-Founder & CEOTechnology, EntrepreneurSalt Lake City, UT, USA Listen to Daniel's Podcast! Daniel Dura is the Co-founder and CEO of Graphium Health and FieldMed. Graphium Health...

Moving Toward a More Perfect Union of Patient Data Collection

As many as four out of five patients lie to their doctors, or at least tell them half-truths, according to this study (it builds...

Ambient Cloud Tech in Healthcare

The advent of Electronic Health Record systems and their accompanying documentation has created a deep fissure within the medical community. Epidemic-level numbers show that...

The Health Metaverse – A New Frontier?

Introduction To gain an in-depth understanding of The Health Metaverse one must start with a clear definition and then perform a complex analysis of all...


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