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Moving Toward a More Perfect Union of Patient Data Collection

As many as four out of five patients lie to their doctors, or at least tell them half-truths, according to this study (it builds...

The Rise of Embedded Analytics: Under-the-Radar Data Visualization Tool

Embedded analytics, where data analysis occurs within a user's natural workflow without the need to toggle to another application, has flown under the radar...

How to Keep from Drowning in an Ocean of Data

Making Data Actionable Imagine a world where you can turn 1.4 trillion data points into hundreds or thousands of ready, actionable attributes allowing you to...

Bruce Dahlgren

Bruce Dahlgren Chief Executive Officer Technology, Entrepreneur Palo Alto, CA, USA Listen to Bruce's Podcast! Bruce Dahlgren serves as CEO at MetricStream. He has more than 30 years of...

Robin Peto

Robin Peto Managing Director, Research Technology, Analytics Austin, TX, USA Listen to Robin's Podcast! Robin Peto is the Managing Director at Aberdeen Strategy & Research.  Robin is responsible for...

Leveraging Information Insight for Business Intelligence

As companies have become more focused on data-driven decision-making and managing their ever-growing stores of data, demand has grown for tools that can make...


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