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August 2023

Coruzant Technologies August 2023 Magazine - Cover article - Entrepreneur and CEO Launches AI-drive Sales Training Platform with Caffrey Francis

Navigating Social Media: Personal Branding in the Digital Age

In today's digital age, social media platforms have evolved into more than mere spaces for socializing. They've become a bustling marketplace where personal branding...

July 2023

Coruzant Technologies July 2023 Magazine - Cover article - Building a Strong Community Through Engagement in the Metaverse

May 2023

Coruzant Technologies May 2023 Magazine - Cover article - Entertaining AI - Making Conversational AI Fun!

April 2023

Coruzant Technologies April 2023 Magazine - Cover article - Coruzant Technologies hits another milestone: Becomes a verified publication.

March 2023

Coruzant Technologies March 2023 Magazine - Cover feature - Claire Rutkowski, SVP and CIO Champion. Bringing vision and change to Bentley Systems.


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