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March 2024

Coruzant Technologies March 2024 Magazine - Cover article - Marketing Executive and Entrepreneur Launches Video Endorsement Platform, the Vouch App, to Shine a Light...

February 2024

Coruzant Technologies February 2024 Magazine - Cover article - Empowering Executive Leadership and Unleashing Potential with Cynthia Bentzen-Mercer.

December 2023

Coruzant Technologies December 2023 Magazine - Cover article - Entrepreneur Finds Passion in Tech, Law, and Talent with Ken Sterling.

November 2023

Coruzant Technologies November 2023 Magazine - Cover article - G2A's Bartosz Skwarczek Leading the Way with the World's Largest Digital Marketplace.

September 2023

Coruzant Technologies September 2023 Magazine - Cover article - Zen Media's Shama Hyder Leading the Way in Global Marketing and PR.

August 2023

Coruzant Technologies August 2023 Magazine - Cover article - Entrepreneur and CEO Launches AI-drive Sales Training Platform with Caffrey Francis


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