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Leveraging Information Insight for Business Intelligence

As companies have become more focused on data-driven decision-making and managing their ever-growing stores of data, demand has grown for tools that can make...

Amir Raskin

Amir Raskin Product Strategist Technology, Business Intelligence Tel Aviv, Israel Listen to Amir's Podcast! Amir Raskin is Sapiens’ Data and Analytics Product Strategist; he is responsible for the senior...

Dr. Joseph “Joe” Perez

Dr. Joseph "Joe" Perez Sr. Systems Analyst, SpeakerTechnology, Big DataRaleigh, NC, USA Listen to Dr. Joe's Podcast! Having received both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in secondary...

Getting to Predictive: The Journey to an AI-powered Enterprise

Evolving your business intelligence from interpreting the past to predicting the future It’s an undeniable fact: the world now runs on data. The haves will...


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