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Tapan Bhatt

Tapan Bhatt Chief Executive Officer Data Science, Artificial Intelligence Kansas City, KS USA Coming Podcast! Offering a unique blend of leadership, technology experience and business acumen, Tapan has over...

Tom Kearin

Tom Kearin Chief Executive Officer Founder of Be Something Wonderful San Diego, CA USA Tom's Podcast! Tom is an inspirational and passionate international entrepreneur, motivational speaker, consultant, coach, adviser,...

Craig Petronella

Craig Petronella Chief Executive Officer Technology, Cybersecurity Raleigh, NC, USA Coming Podcast! Craig Petronella has spent his 23-year computer career supporting such operating systems as Microsoft, Apple, Linux, Unix,...

Burton Kelso

Burton Kelso CEO & Chief Tech Expert Technology Kansas City, KS USA Coming Podcast! Burton Kelso is the Chief Tech Expert at Integral. His vision is to remove the...

Erika Feinberg

Erika Feinberg CEO, Speaker, Author Entrepreneur, Healthcare Phoenix, AZ, USA Coming Podcast! Erika has been CEO of 3 small businesses and grew all 3 into multi-million, market-leading & nationally-loved brands. Her...

John Masud Parvez

John Masud Parvez CIO, Founder, Speaker Technology, Healthcare Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Coming Podcast! John Masud Parvez is the CIO / Group IT Director for Hoan My Medical Corporation. In...


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