Yuxi He

Headshot of Co-Founder Yuxi He

Yuxi He

EdTech, Entrepreneur
Boston, MA, USA

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Yuxi He is the Co-founder of Knovva Academy.

With more than eight years of experience in the education field as both a counselor and curriculum designer, Yuxi He, together with her team, has helped thousands of grade school students from over 200 partner schools worldwide to access quality global education.

Before joining Knovva, Yuxi worked at leading private equity and technology companies in the Greater Boston Area. Besides being a Senior Financial Accountant, she was a Co-Founder at Giantbug Education in the Greater Boston Area. She is a Massachusetts Certified Public Accountant and is actively pursuing her MBA at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Knovva Academy is a world-class faculty providing expert college counseling, leading immersive online courses, and facilitates global leadership programs that redefine learning and prepare students for success in the 21st century.

Knovva Academy’s mission is to enhance educational opportunities for students on a global scale. Knovva propels students to success in the 21st-century by introducing them to the world through in-person and virtual education programs that blend traditional curriculum with hands-on experiential learning.

As graduates of top-tier schools, Knovva’s faculty are experts at cultivating creativity, innovation, and intellect so that students can work at peak passion while developing as leaders and distinguishing themselves from the crowd.

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