Nicholas Nedelisky

Headshot of Founder Nicholas Nedelisky

Nicholas Nedelisky

Culinary, Tech, Entrepreneur
Portland, OR, USA

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Nicholas Nedelisky is the founder and sole owner of Foodiaz, a food-focused digital brand and content platform. He has built the Foodiaz team and social media presence into what it is today, collaborating with creative teams globally to produce viral content.

In addition to his work with Foodiaz, Nicholas is a seasoned real estate developer with extensive experience in placemaking and community building. He is currently developing Eagle Landing, a large mixed-use development in Oregon that will feature an experiential live/work/play environment.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nicholas managed and turned around a golf course and wedding venue without losses, emerging as a leader in the local market. He has worked with world-class leaders in placemaking to incorporate innovative concepts into his real estate projects.

With his diverse background spanning digital branding, hospitality, entrepreneurship, and real estate development, Nicholas brings a unique perspective and set of skills to every endeavor. He thrives on conceiving memorable places, brands, and experiences that bring people together.

Nicholas Nedelisky is also featured on our premiere Features Page, and you can read his podcast interview transcript transcribed by the latest AI bot.


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