Online Safety: The Urgency to Provide Safe Virtual Spaces

online safety with parents overseeing child in a safe virtual space

My motivation and entrepreneurial journey in Meteor software to provide safe online spaces (not only for children and their online education, but also employees of large organisations) started early. Raised by my grandparents in Scotland, my grandfather a coal miner and my grandmother providing me with the piano lessons that would lead to my career success and focus on safety.

Later on, as one of the few working-class students accepted to a Royal Conservatoire, I won various prizes and performed on National and International stages.

From EdTech for Children to Corporate Upskilling

Education is a long-term commitment, and its intrinsic beauty consists of the long-term patience, effort and application required. To realise this in a non-committable era is a challenge. We are provided with countless opportunities and are highly dynamic and agile, able to adapt to client needs quickly. My goal was to provide a committed framework with our sophisticated tutoring solution Meteor Tutors.

Everyone is aware of the benefits of online learning without limitations of residency, environmental benefits and suited to each schedule. But to go for a long-term successful education online, we developed and implemented the highest security and privacy standards for online education. Our tutors are carefully vetted and required to hand in a police background check. Parents are provided with lesson recordings and on-line chat transcripts. We created a secure two-factor authenticated site, with facial and fingerprint technology for app lessons.

It is not only our multi-functioned, personally tailored aspect that is in high demand from corporations for employee training and leadership upskilling. We made our software available as a high-tech environment for video conferencing to businesses with Meteor Fireball. During virtual meetings new technologies are able to provide background information about the other people on the call. By knowing more about who is on the call, participants will be able to focus on the issues that are of the most importance to them’ a recent study by Harvard Business Review trend analysis predicts.

Safety Standards for Employees

Employee Care is the new normal, and wellness is the metric added from 2022 onwards. Wellness and safeguarding are ideally partnered. This should include safe online spaces, where ‘Zoom bombing’ is eliminated and video conferencing and chats can be recorded and archived for protocol reasons (where necessary). Until now, the focus when talking about cyber security has been on protecting corporate data. We are on our way to define the safety standards that need to be provided for employees in online conferencing.

When I became a mother, I started my career path in Education. I was promoted rapidly, from Head of Music to Head of Year, Head of 6th Form, Assistant headteacher and finally Senior School Headteacher, in care of my own school. I took on additional safeguarding lead roles and quickly realised that the unregulated, random nature of online video conferencing needed t one more formal to adhere to safeguarding guidelines. When I extended our provision online, I was equally uncompromising in the minefield that is an unregulated tuition market.

Thousands of hours of real-time testing later and with daily updating, I am proud to announce that we built the most sophisticated software in our category.


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