5 Non-Obvious Ways To Stay Safe On Your Upcoming Vacation

girl on laptop staying safe during Vacation

You may be planning your summer vacation to “unplug” from the hustle and bustle of daily life. However, the chances are that you’ll still be connected – be it to send one last email  before relaxing, finishing a work project on the go, enjoying your favorite TV show in the evening, or, simply, to check on your credit card balance.  

There’s no way to deny it: technology has changed the way we travel – but it may also be exposing us to unprecedented risks. That is why, as well as getting travel insurance and being careful about planning your itinerary, you also need the tips below to stay safe while on your next vacation. Let’s dive in. 

Choose A VPN Service

One of the best strategies to protect yourself while on vacation is to choose and set up an Anonymous VPN. This allows you to take advantage of any kind of connectivity in a safe way. You’ll also be able to access resources and websites from around the world and not miss out on any of your favorite sports matches or news magazines. Plus, you’ll be able to finish up that work project without having to worry about not being able to use the platforms and websites you need!

Be Mindful About Privacy 

Next up, let’s talk about privacy. When on vacation, you may not be so careful about your  privacy – but this is also where it is important that you keep an eye on and make  mindful choices. For example, be careful about who you share your contact details with, and never give others important details such as your passport number or financial information. Use common sense to know when a situation feels unsafe!

Only Use Reputable Sites For Planning Your Vacation

Over the past months, travel scams have intensified – and some have involved major booking sites and platforms. Because of this, it is important to keep your wits about you when booking your next vacation – especially if you are planning to book your entire trip with just one company or make large advance payments. 

Some tips to outsmart scammers when booking travel include:

  • Identify top scams and be aware of how these evolve
  • Double-check fees and prices in advance, and don’t trust costs that seem to low to be true
  • Check reviews before your vacation
  • Get in touch with the customer service team
  • Be sure to purchase insurance 
  • Avoid unauthorized websites

Use Fintech To Keep Your Money Safe

When traveling, you are likely to use apps on your phone to carry out payments and money transfers. When doing so, be sure you are using protected networks or VPN services. Additionally, be aware of ATM fraud and scams, which can steal important data such as your card number. In this case, financial protection apps and leveraging your bank platforms to keep  an eye on your transactions can help you spot a problem early on and avoid significant financial losses.

Choose Your Wifi Connections Mindfully

It can be tempting to simply connect to the WiFi as soon as you arrive at your hotel or when going out to a restaurant for dinner while on vacation. But make sure to check whether the WiFi is safe and, if in doubt, never put your data at risk! Instead, set up a VPN service and navigate safely. 


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