Why the Customer Experience is All That


We’ve seen more recently that customers are quick to provide their own survey or opinion on their latest customer experience with a product or service they purchased. You only have to wait a couple of minutes after the customer has left the store and it been blasted on social media or left in a Google Review. You’re either lucky or not so lucky, depending on the customer’s experience if it goes viral or not. Regardless, you’ve lost at least one lifelong customer, if not hundreds or thousands more.

In Shaun Belding’s article, “The $62 Billion Reason to Improve Your Customer Experience”, he explained how United Airlines lost $770 million dollars in just a few days when a video of Dr. David Dao being dragged out of his seat went viral. All it took was one person to share the video on social media with a few key followers and the wildfire was set in motion. It’s important that you are putting your customers’ needs and request first, whether a mistake was made with their order, or how they felt they were treated with their service. Always remember that a customer is minutes away from raving or raging about their customer experience in a Google Review or on social media.

Love Your Customers

Of course, there are a few people that no matter how you try and right a situation (sometimes there really was no situation to begin with) will always blast a negative opinion on social media. That’s why it’s important to proactively provide that positive initial interaction with them, whether it’s their first or one-hundredth time. Your demeanor means everything in terms of conversing and interact with them.

For best results, it’s best to put yourself in your customer’s shoes so you can better understand them and empathize with their need or struggle. Being in that consumer-mindset will help you believe in doing the right thing when it comes to your customers, or the people you are trying to help. Keep in mind that we are all human and mistakes do happen. Whether you are the provider or receiver of a product or service, let’s keep this in mind and always try and make the best of everything. Remember, we have one mouth, but two ears. Listen more. Acknowledge any mix-up, provide (or accept) the apology and move the conversation into the next positive phase of the transaction, most importantly the relationship.

Measure the Customer Experience

In order to continue to build your brand’s attraction and loyalty, a positive customer experience is the key each and every time. There is no exception. Your customers are your best marketing and salespeople for your business! Once you understand and embrace this, you will be on your way to growing a strong flourishing business with continued referrals for years to come. The same goes for a negative experience. Not only could you lose that customer, but many others that may know or read about their poor experience. Keep the following in mind as you measure the customer experience:

• Review trends in your customer requests and support tickets
• Detect the reasons and rate for customer up and downward trends
• Ensure you have a way to closely examine your customer satisfaction surveys
• Provide a forum or venue for your customers to offer product requests or improvements

At the end of the day, it is expensive and arduous (financially problematic long-term) to lose a customer relationship just because of their poor customer experience with you. Treat them exactly the way you would want to be treated and your business will thrive with many great customer-based salespeople.


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