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The Link Between Compassion Fatigue & Quiet Quitting

Over the last few years, we’ve heard a lot about burnout and its effect on employees and the organizations they work for. We’ve heard...

Create a Great Customer Experience by Improved Employee Experience

Most business leaders agree that the key to success in the modern economy is to deliver a great customer experience. Consumers have more choices...

Lessons that Inspired Our Company to Emphasize Humans in Technology

Technology is amazing. I mean that sometimes what technology can do amazes us. Remember, for example, the first time your mobile phone spit out turn-by-turn...

The Great Resignation and Keeping Knowledge in Your Company

The coronavirus crisis had a noticeable domino effect in several areas related to lifestyle, wellbeing, public health, economics, and more. A large-scale change the...

Align Your Employees’ Strengths with Career Growth to Meet Goals

A recent Gallup survey found that one of the things employees want most from their managers is the opportunity to learn and grow. This can be...

Why the Employee Retention Credit Represents the Best in Capitalism

If you were to ask the average citizen regarding their perspective on corporate tax credits & incentives (C&I), I believe the overwhelming majority of...


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