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AI Chatbots in Universities: Revolutionizing Research Support

Today, in our digital era, AI chatbots are reshaping how universities support research efforts. This piece delves into the crucial role AI chatbots play...

What is Conversational AI and the Future of Customer Service?

Introduction In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, customer service has transcended traditional call centers and FAQs. Enter conversational AI—a revolutionary technology that is not just...

How Conversational AI empowers Your employees and Customers

For many customers “self-service” really means “self-annoyance.” Tools such as FAQs, simple chatbots, and other knowledge bases can provide some information, but it’s often...

A New Era of Phone Calls

Many articles have been written about the demise of the phone call, with Zoom meetings, texts, group chats, and Snaps all predicted to replace...

Michael Blumental

Michael Blumental Chief Operating Officer HealthTech, Artificial Intelligence San Francisco, CA, USA Listen to Michael's Podcast! Michael is a growth leader with a proven track record of building and scaling...


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