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PR Agencies and Marketing Firms - We welcome your Technology and Entrepreneur clients on the LARGEST crowdsourced technology platform in the world. Want to pitch your client? You're at the right place!

Please review the REQUIREMENTS below before pitching to save you some time.

Agency Pricing

per article
  • Published within 72 hours
  • Promoted large social network
  • 2 Million social impressions
  • Include your URL in your article!
per profile
  • Included with Podcast
  • Promoted large social network
  • Chance to be in our Magazine!
  • Featured on features page
per token
  • FREE Coruzant Token (NFT)
  • Grows in value like bitcoin
  • Built on Neblio Blockchain
  • Unique yours to own forever


PODCAST - We require the following:
  1. Provide a high-resolution Headshot and Bio of the guest
  2. Podcast is $99. This covers our costs. This special pricing is for PR Agencies ONLY.
  3. Must provide a byline/article:
        a. Article must be UNIQUE to our platform.
        b. Article must be 650 words or more.
        c. Headline/title must be 70-characters or less (Google's rules).
        d. Any topic is acceptable as long as it's related to Technology or Thought Leadership. Goal is to inform a large readership. Non-salesy.
        e. Article DUE by day of scheduled podcast.
  4. Submit your information to Agency[at]

  1. We will promote your contributed article to a LARGE social network for several weeks. No other publication does this!!
  2. Requirements - See our our content Guidelines.


  Premiere Podcast:
        - Extra promotion; More convenient calendar times; Executive Profile Page included!
  Executive Marketing Video:
        -We develop a 10-second video for you or your client that you can use to promote
  Promotional Marketing Campaigns:
        -We further promote the podcast, video, and byline to a very large social network
  Executive Interview Feature:
        -We conduct a virtual interview for an in depth look at your client
  Exclusive Newsletter Feature:
        -Your client gets a dedicated feature in our Newsletter
  Magazine Article Feature:
        -Your client's byline/article gets published in our popular digital magazine
  Coruzant Magazine Feature:
        -You client gets a dedicated feature in our digital magazine
  Coruzant Magazine Cover:
        -You client gets Featured on the front cover of our magazine!

  Forbes Magazine Feature:
        -You client gets a dedicated feature in Forbes!
  Entrepreneur Magazine Feature:
        -You client gets a dedicated feature in Entrepreneur!

BONUS! Your clients gets a Coruzant Token (NFT) included in any Coruzant Branded Paid Service. These unique Coruzant Tokens or "NFTs" are built on the Neblio Blockchain. This Coruzant Token has value and will grow in value over time!


  • Over 30,000 downloads
  • We are syndicated on EVERY podcast platform (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Podcast, Alexa, iHeart Radio, Deezer, Pandora, BuzzSprout, Stitcher, Castbox, etc.)
  • We've featured top Silicon Valley CEOs and dozens of Celebrities on our popular show - Featured Guests
  • Articles get anywhere from 1.5M-2M social impressions due to our large social network (sharing/promoting)
  • Our articles get over DOUBLE the reads of the Forbes Technology Council because we promote our content for several weeks (nobody else does this!)
  • 40,000+ subscribers. Growing daily.
  • The Coruzant social network (founders, fellows, etc.) has over 380K followers.
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