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Welcome to Coruzant Technologies, the future of emerging technology. We are the premiere and largest crowdsourced, digital, technology publication in the world. Our advisors and contributors come from all over the globe, from Fortune 100 companies, Silicon Valley, and tech startups, just to name a few.



Chief Technology Officer

Brian Thomas is the Chief Executive Officer for Coruzant Technologies.


Chief Digital Officer

Dubravka Krizman is the Chief Digital Officer for Coruzant Technologies.


Chief Executive Officer

Liza Thomas is the Chief Revenue Officer for Coruzant Technologies.


Senior Contributor/Editor

Michelle Eld is the Editor In Chief for Coruzant Technologies.

   Our Founding Fellows and Business Advisors

Tanushree Ghosh

Tanushree Ghosh, PhD Technology Director Supply Chain, Tech, Diversity Phoenix, USA Listen to Tanushree's Podcast! Tanushree Ghosh, a Director at Intel, is also a social activist and writer. She...

Sweta Shetty

Sweta Shetty Innovator, Senior Advisor Healthcare, FinTech Mumbai, India Coming Podcast! Sweta Shetty is a change leader who relentlessly focusses on driving meaningful collaborative innovation in India and in...

Linda Grasso

Linda Grasso Chief Operating Officer Digital Transformation Consulting Naples, Italy Linda's Podcast! Linda Grasso is Chief Operating Officer at Digital Business Innovation Srl, an Italian innovative startup active in...

Tina Klugman

Tina Klugman Speaker, Author Journalism, Writing Kansas City, MO, USA Tina's Interview! Tina Klugman is a freelance writer and editor. She graduated from The University of Central Missouri with...

Angela Murphy

Angela Murphy, PhD Speaker, Author, Strategic Partner FinTech Kansas City, MO, USA Angela's Podcast! Angela believes that strategy and insight are the keys to driving innovation. After earning her...

Kamyar Shah

Kamyar Shah Senior Business Executive Business Operations Florida, USA Listen to Kamyar's Podcast! Kamyar is an Operations and Marketing Executive with deep management experience driving stakeholder value in large...

Leah Houston

Leah Houston, MD CEO and Founder Healthcare Technology New York, USA Leah's Podcast! Leah Houston, MD is the founder of HPEC, and a board-certified Emergency Physician. While practicing emergency...

Khushi Kaur

Khushi Kaur Partner, Author, ContributorTechnology, FinTechNew York, NY Coming Podcast! Khushpreet Kaur is a Partner with McKinsey & Company based out of the New York office....

Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes

Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes, MD MBA FAPA Chief Quality & Innovation Officer Healthcare Miami, FL, USA Ingrid's Podcast! Is a healthcare executive, futurist and globalist who is highly dedicated to digital and...

Ade McCormack

Ade McCormack Author, Speaker, Advisor All Industries South Heath, UK Ade's Podcast! Ade McCormack focuses on helping people thrive in the digital age. His clients range from individuals to...

Tom Pagano

Tom Pagano Chief Information Officer Global Healthcare CIO Kansas City, KS, USA Tom's Podcast Tom Pagano, is a business and technology executive with extensive experience in large-scale healthcare, government...
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