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Stephenie Southard

Stephenie Southard Chief Information Security Officer FinTech, Security Chicago, USA Coming Podcast! Stephenie Southard has over 25 years’ experience in Information Technology and Security. She is a strategic executive with...

Anzar Hasan

Anzar Hasan Senior Security Consultant Security, Engineering Dallas, TX USA Coming Podcast! Anzar is a senior solutions-oriented IT Design & Risk Management, Agile Professional with the expertise to implement industry...

Liza Thomas

Liza Thomas Chief Executive OfficerTechnology, EntrepreneurKansas City, KS, USA   Liza Thomas is the Chief Executive Officer for Coruzant Technologies. In this role, Liza provides strategic direction...

Roman Yampolskiy

Dr. Roman Yampolskiy Professor, Speaker, Author Science & Technology, Education Louisville, KY, USA Coming Podcast! Dr. Roman V. Yampolskiy is a Tenured Associate Professor in the department of Computer...

Davor Jordačević

Davor Jordačević Data Scientist, Developer Tech, AI, Machine Learning Serbia Coming Podcast! Davor is a Junior Data Scientist at with an Electrical Engineering background. He developed a keen...

From One CIO to Another: Interview with Brian E. Thomas

From CIO to CIO: My interview with CIO Richard Alexander Richard Alexander: You say it’s important for a CIO to “work on developing a partnership...


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