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Managed Services Providers: 2022 M&A Trend for Sellers- Part 3

Thesis: The managed service provider market continues to be a hot M&A trend for sellers in 2022, and is expected to remain so for...

Managed Services Providers: 2022 M&A Trends for Sellers- Part 2

Thesis: Global firms including IBM (24/7 system management, hosting, administration, operations, and application support), Vodafone (cell phone security as a managed service), Amazon (cloud-as-a-service...

Managed Services Providers: 2022 M&A Trends for Sellers-Part 1

Thesis: The managed services market is one of the fastest growing segments of the IT sector. The COVID pandemic and the ensuing need for...

Five Factors Influencing Large IT Companies Buying Small IT Firms

When a large IT company begins looking for smaller mid-market firms to buy (under $30M in transaction value), five key factors usually influence their...


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